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  • Hi, mi ex and I broke up in January. We were in a long distance relationship the last 7 month's of 2 years together. We have been texting almost every day. The thing is that I see him as the one, he doesn't say much but I have seen a change in his behaviour this last week. He is been flirting more.

    So, I what would it take to come back together in a committed relation and eventual marriage?

    Me: 01.may.79, him: 23.february.75.

    Thanks a lot

  • Love can be challenging here. The relationship may take some time to stabilize (or may never do so). Your partner may even push for an open arrangement that leaves him free to roam, or to relate to several partners at once, and the relationship may seem to be able to handle this; but you need security, and in such an arrangement, you may painfully realize how much you need your partner’s exclusive attentions. On the upside, he can bring some zest and life to you, and you will return the favour with your protection and support. You may be sufficiently charmed by this man so as to overlook his tendency to ignore the practicalities of life, and matters having to do with the material world. Friendship would be a lot easier than love here however as your partner is unreliable and unlikely to give you the truly committed love relationship you seek. .

  • @TheCaptain Thsnk you. I appreciate your reading. I feel the best option for me is to move forward with my life. I shouldn't be wasting my time waiting around someone who can't give me what I deserve. Thanks again

  • @TheCaptain Hi I just wanted to share that I just asked this guy that we stop communicating with each other. He said that he was exploring to comeback but I think he wasn't really trying. It broke my heart again knowing that he is not there for being with me but he insisted on me giving him a time frame. Also said that he is letting go relationships, so it would be ok if I take my time. It is a childish and selfish attitude. I wonder why is he so confusing? I'm guessing I need to work on myself. I am hoping for my future to show me how real love looks like.

  • @paho if you believe true love is in your future, it will be.

  • @TheCaptain thanks, I believe. And I'm starting with giving some love to myself. I guess that comes with true love

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