Will this woman leave me alone ?

  • Somebody I was friend’s with has really turned on me and is being very toxic. It’s a female and their birthday is 13 January 1965.

    Can you tell me what you pick up regarding this situation and if ignoring this person is enough?

    Would appreciate insight please ..


  • Yes ignoring her will be enough eventually. Do not respond to her in any way.

  • @TheCaptain

    Thank you because I am at the point thinking if I need legal intervention..

    She had said and done the worst things to me. All because I told her I’d had enough of her dominating tone of voice towards me! She then started to insult me. She has continued to do so leaving nasty messages. I confided in her about my ex and all the nasty stuff he had said to me and she thought she was being smart using all the tactics he had used on me to try and break me down. Can see through her. I don’t use that number, but have kept it anyway.

    Thanks again

  • @Jana-Star she is only trying to get a rise out of you. When she finds she cannot get you to bite, she will look elsewhere for prey.

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