Dreams about Tarot

  • Hello, to my fellows tarot readers who have more experience than me. Last night, I had a very, very vivid dream about my cards.

    I was at a party, in a forest-like a BBQ, during nighttime.

    Some persons destroyed my Tarot deck. Three cards were burnt, the only one I can rememeber is The Devil. And the rest of them were perfectly cut in the middle. I remembered felling pain, but not necessarily fiscal, mor like something heavy weighting on my chest.

    I mention that I've been seeing a lot of synchronicityes lately.

    Can you help me interpret it?

  • @Lorena21
    Burning something in a dream can talk about releasing, letting something go on some level .. it may have been related to the message of the cards The Devil - can be about repeated patterns, habits that you can not seem to let go of. Addictions..

    Let me look at The Dream Oracle by Pamela Ball this book looks at dreams through the Tarot ...

    A forest- a place of testing and initiation, Threshold experience...

    Night can speak of being introspective or at rest, maybe a low period of the journey. Energy is low or secrecy is being experienced.
    This is some of the thoughts I found in the book ..
    Can you remember which deck the Devil appeared to be from?

    What are your thoughts are the Devil in general in a reading?

    It sounds as though you may have some stresses that need to be looked at ...

    If interested in working through your dream with Tarot check out My series working with The Dream Oracle
    Book by Pamela Ball Click here for the first video .. to find rest of series ...
    Hope this may help ..
    take care

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