I keep seeing feathers

  • It seems like everywhere I go these days, I keep seeing feathers. I even found one indside my house on my stairway. Does anyone have any clues as to what is going on? Please help:) Yhanks

  • Wow, if you think about it, you may know the answer.

  • I find feathers all the time in my path too. They are a good thing and I smile when I find them. I take them as a warning and am never worried when I find them. I have been given a heads up.

  • i also find them all the time and i thank the brid that droped it and put them in my basket of feathers

  • I was told that feather is a sign from the spirit world that you will have your wish granted. unless you have birds flying around you all the time lol well that's just theirs I guess

    If it really is a sign then you should find out very soon which wish is granted. I have heard people that want to speak with the deceased loved ones, saw feathers before the communication started.

  • That is really cool. I love it when things keep reappearing. The universe is definitely sending you a message.... but what is it? Keep your third eye open!

  • I too have had the feather thing for a while. I have wondered what it means and I am sure it is some sort of sign from the universe. Every time I see a feather I am always looking for the answer. Other friends have had similar experiences. Interesting that the subject has come up and I will keep checking back to see others comments.

  • it will come up to you. whatever you are wishing for, is in progress or it happens but news may not reach you yet. only you know your wishes. I was also told it's a sign that the universe is watching, it may have sent angel, spirit, mentor of any kind your way to protect and support you during struggle. when you find out the wish comes true, don't forget to give thanks to the universe and live your life in positivity.

  • Ok so here we go again, another sign. If a feather means the Universe is answering your prayers what does the whole entire black bird mean? (smile).

  • is it a crow? o o it might be bad news

    other black birds, maybe just there messing with you hahaha kidding

    seriously crow is messenger of bad news or so I experience with it when it comes

    not that crow is bad, it just happens to have that uncomfortable task from the universe

    there was once black pigeon, or brown and it's a sign I have to wash my car since it has been s hitting all over it

  • Ha! Something really bad did happen that weekend, but nothing that time won't heal, I'm learning to let go of things beyond my control where years ago, I would have went nuts.

  • may the universe sends you support always, poetic

    you do right by trying to move forward

    it's only hard now but you'll get there

  • feathers are a sighn of angels around you, they leave things in places to let us know that they are watching over us, maybe you could try asking your guiding angel what it is they are asking of you or need to tell you, we all have angels guiding us and protecting us, we just need to beleive that they are their for us and get intouch with them, they have ways and means of contacting us, and this is one way, sometimes they leave coins and other various objects including people along our journey in life, to let us know we are always loved and cared for.

  • I find this very interesting. LeoScorpion, I first want to thank you from all of us. I am fairly new and see you always contributing and helping, so again thank you from the bottom of my heart. So inspired by the feathers in my life that on a road trip with my boss, we recently stopped at an indian store (old goods and indian goods) and saw a dream catcher with an eagle painted on it with feathers. I have had a bad couple years (although thankful that I am not sick and thankful for what I do have) and feathers have been a big part for the last 6 mo or so. Feathers out of the comforter when I stayed at a friends, feathers appear quite often on the road or elsewhere including like bluejay feathers, etc. Then the birds, hawks, and maybe an eagle and a few bluejays. Then i had for over a month of a small sparrow flying into my window and hitting itself against it at my apartment. It did it daily for weeks and it was not a reflection or anything, different times of day. I tried scaring it and it would not stop. I cried because it would just bang itself against the window every day. It would then go back to the tree and then continue hitting itself. Thought it was sending me a message that I was beating myself against the wall over something, not sure. Any ideas on what this was about?

  • Hmm this morning when I got to work there was a feather in front of the door, I thought of you guys but it may be a coincidence because it's a work place, not like personal at my home. I am trying to contact by spirit guides, I tried focusing on Peace and love for the Universe. Don't know? Nice story Olive branch.

  • poetic, hope it is a sign that a wish will come true or that an agel is watching over you. As I am writing this the bluejay that has been coming to the window the last couple days (new bird) is back. Have found it interesting since it was even out there when it was snowing. Today it is not snowing but he he outside my window flying and landing on the snow on the branches. Interesting, I think he showed up when I first saw this feather, bird forum. there are plenty of trees around and yet he is the only one i have seen. Figured he would have been south by now.

  • the feathers may mean you are watched over by the spirits or your wish come true. in general it is a sign that your prayer is listened and help is sent or in progress. you may not feel that you have been praying for something, but your psyche did, this happened at a subconscious level so it's very normal that you did not notice anything in the beginning. the bird that kept hitting the wall shows something is going on in your place, it is not necessarily very bad as in dangerous to your life, but it surely is not healthy.

    I have had experience where a crow bang itself against my window. but the door was opened so it died inside. Is there anything shiny close to your window? maybe figurines, battery operated statue that exudes light somehow? birds like sparrow or crow, mostly black, are interested in shiny things. but if you do not have anything like this by your window, then something might have been going on in your apartment. Who lives with you? are there anyone who are very sick, temperamental, violent, have a very bad habit that might endanger you or anyone else in this apartment? I think it's time that you sort things out with them.

    If none of these people exist, then whatever it is that is not healthy for you, comes from outside. A neighbour, manager (in your case, the aptment), the building itself might have serious problem needs fixing right away or it will not be healthy to live in or even endanger the lives of people inside. Try to find out as much as you can about this. These influences from outside, will affect you or anyone in your own aptment sooner or later.

  • just so you are not worried, I need to mention the other birds that have come to share you their qualities and strength. and the feathers. so you will get help, whenever it happens, but try to find out anyway. that way you might be able to take action before whatever it is happens.

    when I said neighbour, I mean those that live in the same aptment, and those that live close to this building, but specifically harbors certain resentment against you, or someone that lives with you, or even someone that doesn't live with you, but regularly seen with you. so it may not be you they harbor negativities against, but they plan to attack you also because you are seen with the person they originally send the negativities to.

    good luck. like I said don't worry, the feathers show help. see what you can come up with, after reading my post.

  • leoscorpio, i did look into the shiny thing and even the times of day but came up with nothing. the bird quit hitting its self against the window and some of the neighbors have changed around the same time. I really don't know anyone in and around the building or close by. I will however ponder it longer to see if i come up with anything. The guy that my heart aches for his initial is J born 6/10/63 lives a couple blocks away and his apartment is in direct line of mine if I look out that window. Like I said I do have the bluejay now and it only sits in the trees. I did get a small sparrow that landed on the ledge at the window, it did not hit itself against the window. the only other thing is the last couple months the guy next to me has been away because his mother is sick. He is selling his apartment now.

  • Thank you Leo/Scorpion. Olive Branch that surely seems like a sign to me, of what who knows, but maybe he sees his reflection in the window?

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