I keep seeing feathers

  • I see. so that could be why. it was something close enough to you, next room in this case.

    that's all I can tell based on your info now.

    I was renting a place when this crow flew in hit my window and died inside. I had never had godo experience in this place and the people around it. they seemed to either ignore me or didn't want me there. there was a death in the neighbors family, not long before or after the crow did what it did. I heard crows and other black birds (not brown, has to be black) are messengers of bad news, not always death but bad such as prolonged sickness or coma that can take years to recover.

    yeah if you like, stay alert with what's happening around you. it's good to know the sparrow stop hitting window and the bluejays (messenger of joy) are still around. it seems like two different things are happening in the background. you will know soon I hope. take care now and wish for the best.

  • lol mistypo

    godo = good

  • I never, ever see feather's in my life. Even working at a summer camp up on Lake Winnipesaukee and being out doors all summer I never came across any. But interestingly enough I read this whole topic yesterday before work and as I was on my way into work, just outside the building, I looked down and there was a large feather just floating in a puddle in front of me. I found it kind of odd and ironic. I wonder what it means.

  • I never see feathers either 🙂 unless there are birds flying around

    would love to see one but I guess the universe sends a message to each person differently

  • Leoscorpion, thank you for the information and since winter and the snow is here it will be interesting to see what happens. I did just the other day have another experience going into work. Just entered the buildinging and turned to see a lady outside talking on the phone as I went up the stairs and I heard a bang and looked a bird had flew right into the window where the lady was standing outside and I was just inside. Not sure what it meant, the bird looked like it was dead. Hopefully it was about her and not me. It brought tears to my eyes and because I am trying to learn more about my empathy and dealing with it I had to walk away.

  • seems a lot of things are going on there, in the building and the ppl's lives

    stay cautious and focused as much as you can

    I am not empath and yet I don't feel comfortable with the birds behavior in your story

    I can imagine being an empath you must be disturbed and distracted

    don't worry protection is there, jus stay cautious and alert so when something bad happens and help comes, you will be able to reach for it

    sometimes people get so distracted when help comes they don't see it

    take care now hope only for the best

  • Leoscorpion, thank you again. Today again the bluejay outside the window, in very cold weather and snow. When I got to work a small feather on the chair (from a down coat more than likely, but still. Walking down the street to look down and see a pink feather (more than likely from someones halloween costume) and I was not always looking down to see it. So I am going to be on alert, maybe something bad is going on but at least it seems like the angels are showing me their feathers and that they are there. best. Will try to keep all the senses aware so that the universe can show me.

  • ok olivebranch

    take care now

  • lilhollergirl--read what all had to share and seems no one shared that the feather(s) is ultimately a symbol of sacrifice--folklore state that unless it is an ostrich,eagle, or swan feather it is a symbol of sacrifice-not a blessing coming but a blessing that you have received and you now need to give back ...sacrifice...note all feathers are associated with the element air and the human soul ascendanceor transcendance. take precaution Blessings Be.

  • Lilhollargirl, I dont know but I've heard or read (and it makes sense to me considering when and where I"VE seen feathers) That it is a sign sent by an Angel to let you know they were near.. Hope this helps. 🙂

  • maybe you're going on a trip very soon

  • i just happened upon this post as someone commented earlier to bring it back up today

    a friend of mine who lost her only son in a very freak manner

    told me about how after he passed she and her husband fell into a pretty deep depression

    her husband realized one day he could communicate with his son and could actually see and speak to him and others who had passed over-- she did not develop the same sense but was able to speak to her son through her husband

    she mentioned how one way her son is able to communicate with her is by leaving feathers around-- it is something that the archangel gabriel gives approval for particular spirits to be able to do but they are really sent by God to let us know everything is alright

    she mentioned how one time she and her husband were in paris and lost their way back to their hotel she asked her son for help and a trail of feathers led them back to their hotel room

    she then told me whoever she tells the story to would start to receive feathers-- i did not believe anything she had told me at the time but obliged her as she was a fellow co- worker who i liked very much

    so that night i came into work (graveyard) and there was a feather sitting in the middle of our logbook-- i didn't think anything of it but when she came in she asked if anyone had noticed this feather-- i told her i did (but i had honestly forgotten about what she said at that time) she said it must be for you-- i said thanx and didn't think much of it

    then i started getting feathers all the time mostly at work but at times in other places-- i have since moved and still receive feathers from time to time-- it just helps to remind me that God is with me always

    people receive all types of confirmation that there is more than us out there-- i believe feathers happen to be one of those things sent to us-- from my understanding for some of us it is coins seeing butterflies or anything that may be an uncommon on occasion occurence

    she did tell me anyone i told the story to would start receiving feathers and a lot of my friends did start receiving feathers after i told them

    so this and other stories should continue to circulate so more people are able to know that God is with them


    i don't believe there is a correlation between the feathers and birds together but possibly a separate meaning

    as someone else said it may just depend on your personal experience and if their is some meaning in the two things you may be missing

    peace love and blessings to all

  • You said it so perfectly! I always find a feather before a gift in the mail. They also bring hope in moments of despair--a tangable reminder of angel wings close buy.Sometimes a butterfly will stop me in my tracks and there will be the most perfect little feather at my feet. I always get a nice surprise after that.. I grew up across the street from a psychic medium. She told me a feather brought good news. Most of my closest friends are fond of finding feathers and sharing them. A feather found in the house is very special---a visit from a loved one passed over--it is an expression of love.. May everyone who reads this find a perfect one on their doorstep.

  • in the UK I was told white feathers =angels others have different messages depending on what they are I think grey heron feathers are wisdom, but that's probably because they are the nearest to crane feathers, and the wisest of druids had craneskin bags, when I was asking for signs that the greater powers were listening to me, I found a pigeon feather marked like an eagle feather, I still have it.

    I don't agree crows are bad though,as I have learned from them, in the UK they are birds of Hecate or the crone/wisewoman when my hubby went into hospital with his cancer I yelled at our local crows asking them why I had not the wisdom to prevent this,when hubby heard he said I should apologise as the lesson was not mine, and since then they have actually warned me of things that would cause me harm, and been always with me, and yes, I did apologise, and fed them the next day, and they called down the heron whom I also hand fed, no-one else local gets that close, and I learned the heron likes salami and ham.Since then, if I see the heron I'm due a surprise, and there are crows wherever I am, usually to my benefit too they let me know who is coming on the Allotment, and sometimes send me feline companions too, because the crows sent me chancer, whose pic is on this , and whose story is on another thread, I think cats on doorstep, because they showed him where we were feeding them, and that's how he came to us

  • thank you blmoon

    you said it better than i-- and more specifically

    you are very gifted yourself and if you ever have some time i would be honored to receive a reading from you on career/ love whatever you may see-- my bday is 11/16/75 and the person i am with is 1/12/70

    if you feel this is an inappropriate thread for that i started a couple on 11/16 titled a few bday ?'s-- all answers appreciated in the tarot and psychic sections

    thank you in advanced-- for your blessing

  • To each his own, crows give me the creeps, and I believe they are the harbringer of bad news! I have never had something good happen when a crow is around.

  • maybe it's because I feed them ?They are the Morrigan's birds, and I think Hecate's too.

    Odin had two Ravens Hugin and Munin, (thought and memory) and they kept him informed of what was going on in the world, my crowfriends just send me cats to love as I can't have them at home until ma-in-law gets over Pasht, or I get a home of my own, mindyou she doesnt like crows and magpies either.

    Love and Light

    Blessed Be

  • That is funny I don't see any of them as a bad thing. Maybe cause they are my clan and one of my totums.

  • Sorry misspelling totems.

  • don't worry I do too, thats why I sometimes take so long to come back , I am correcting all my mistakes, and the faster I type the more they sneak in too dreadful! LOL

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