Relationship breakdown

  • Hi everyone, I'm new here and doing any thing like this but I really need some advice if possible please?
    My partner just went/left after beinging together 3 and half years, and then didnt hear from him for good 4 months, telling me he's got his own place and is not coming back.
    I'm a pisces (6th march) and he is a pisces(22nd feb)
    You can imagine I was and still am as devastated as the day it happened, we did have few problems and I admit lot was un necessary and normally started by me, ( I just wanted his attention so much and went round it wrong way). This may seem silly to some people but before I met him again , as (l knew him from years ago, he was my best friends brother). I know he was my soul mate in every way, how can I get him back to prove to him it can work out??? Thank you all in advance, even if you respond xx

  • I think it would be best to let him go. You would create more anguish for yourself by trying to hold on to someone that doesn’t want to be held. His actions were deliberate and it appears that he gave it a lot of consideration. You might want to think about why you were feeling neglected in the first place. I think you know that deep down things weren’t feeling right but you are blaming yourself for causing the problems. You didn’t. We can have more than 1 soulmate in life. They help us learn the lessons we need to learn but they don’t always remain with us throughout our lifetime. Stay strong.

  • Thank you so much for this. I was into this issue and tired to tinker around to check if its possible but couldnt get it done. Now that i have seen the way you did it, thanks guys

  • Good for friendship, difficult for love. A love affair or marriage here will rarely be calm, since in love, the two of you can both provoke and overreact to each other. These responses are hardly positive ones, and in order to begin to diminish them, each person would have to concentrate hard on becoming less over-sensitive, making 'buttons' more difficult to push or growing a whole new set.

  • Breaking up a relationship is always hard. But you don't have to think about it all the time.

  • But.... I think you need to let it go and move on and look for a new relationship.
    Even if you return it it will be temporary and this relationship will bring you only torment and suffering.
    I've been in a relationship for three years. I dreamed of a wedding, a house, children... And then one day she just left...
    I call her. We met again, but it wasn't that relationship anymore. Then on dating I found a girl with whom I began to communicate and this communication gives me a lot of energy and joy.
    First we corresponded. Now we're calling by video. I hope to meet soon. I like that girl.

  • Consider breaking up as a new phase in your life. The longer you suffer the more time you waste

  • Why don't you try dating again?
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