Interpreting the World card in a self reading

  • Hi everyone!

    I am fairly new to reading Tarot cards and have been using a Rider Waite Smith inspired deck and meanings. At the moment I have only been doing self readings which have been amazing for self reflection and introspection. However, I have had a number of readings where the World card would show up as a personal restriction or as an object holding me back. I'm not completely sure how to interpret this. Maybe I'm scared of reaching a satisfying end or I'm expecting too much from the end of my journey? I was curious how others may interpret this card in these positions.

  • @Maevlyn
    I find when a card shows up in these types of positions that you need to look at the inverted meaning.
    I'd read The World, in this position, as a fear of completion, it's a feeling of being in limbo. A fear that once a cycle is completed, what do I do now? So overall it's self limiting, a fear of moving on to the next stage (of an aspect of life).or moving out of your comfort zone.

  • @55Degrees thank you! What you said actually resonates with me and the question I had posed. I'll keep your advice in mind for next time.

  • @Maevlyn
    You're welcome

  • So here's what Waite says:

    "The rapture of the world when it understands itself in God." "The state of the soul in the consciousness of divine vision reflected from the self-knowing spirit."

    And some other spooky stuff, but it's how the Fool sees the world, in all his wisdom. As an obstacle it must mean a perceptual error, but I'd have to see the rest of the reading before I could say more than that.

    When looking at that circular reef remember: when you look at zero you see nothing, but when you look THROUGH zero, you see everything. Mic drop.

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