Does anyone have an explanation for the following

  • I am thinking, or talking and out of the blue I share saying the name of an ex boyfriend or ex cleaner.
    It is driving me mad because the name I want to say is nothing like their names.
    Does anyone have any idea why this is happening?

  • @Jayann Can you explain more what is happening? Do you keep saying your ex-boyfriend's name?

  • @Bluangel27
    you are planning something in your head or allocating task to people but instead of saying Lucy you say Mark. Mark being your ex boyfriends name
    you are venting because you are angry with someone but instead of saying Jasminamine you say Rose the name of an ex employee.
    the worse part is the surprise when your brain registers that the name is wrong and whose name you said or written.
    I hope this makes sense.

  • So you are having Freudian slips. They are when you say one person's name but mean another. Psychologically, it means your mind is really thinking of the person you said out loud and not the name you meant to say.

    For example, in the tv show Friends, when Ross was getting married to Emily, he said Rachel's name instead of Emily. Subconsciously, he said Rachel because he has feelings for her.

  • Perhaps when you are with Lucy, she does something or brings up an issue that you had with Mark and the same with Jasminamine and Rose. Something one person says or does reminds you of another person you knew and maybe have unresolved issues with.

  • @TheCaptain @Bluangel27
    Thank you for your input
    I will think one what you have offered.
    I think both of you are right and I need it to stop,

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