How To get To My Capicorn

  • Ok i am a taurus(female) and i have been friends with this Capicorn(male) for a little min. he says that he shares feelings for meand we agreed to take things to the next level and become more than just friends but sometimes it feels as though he is not as interested as he says he is and i dont know how to judge that help please?????

  • what do you mean by little min. ?

    like... you guys just met and a minute later became friends? lol

    like that?

  • i know capricorn men are shady and can be shy and reserved. They are known to be introverted and rarely players. So if I were you I would tale it to the next level, but if you have not been his friend long, they don't sleep with him. He will know you're a keeper (possible gf) if you leave of the sex untill you are officially together.. for example" I only sleep with people im in a relationship with". The capricorn man i am trying to get to know told myt frind he likes me and ants me and said hed quit the gym if i was his girlfriend but hes just very busy at the moment, dispite meeting one weekend at my best friends house and getting along well, both openly said we find eachother attractive, I am stil having to make more of an effort with him, but ion a non clingly way. He said we would arrange to do something alone soon, but he has since spoken to my freind and said hes very busy with work and is only free weekends. Luckly my friend has painted an honest picture of me being chilled out anbd easy going, this attitude will help and he may be hard to pin down. I am being naughty and going to my friends this weekend when I knwo he will be there, so I can show him what he;s missing, and try and discreetly make him be bothered ot date me!

    SO anyway sorry for going on, just trying to give you an idea as to what capricorn men can be like, soo if he's looking for a girlfriend, dont give in to the bedroom just yet, and you might find he will stay around!

  • I am a fellow Earth sign and I too date a Cap. Sometimes I think my cap is distant, but he says the same about me. Caps love work and my cap is often working. Also, caps deal with things on their own. Sometimes it may feel distant because he is just keeping things in. He'll come around. Give it time. Let him get comfortable. They are slow to warm up.

  • I'm married to a Cap for almost 9 yrs now. they are not emotional or displays emotions much. so if he said he likes you and wants to be friends, he means it. they don't just say that to sleep with you lol or else I would have been in many beds 🙂 I seemed to fall for Caps all the time 🙂

    they like slow and steady approach in a lot of things, nothing like me Leo jump into things haha

    but that makes me a good match for him. I constantly tease him and bring new things and experience into his life. they are ambitious and competitive, you have to show that you can live with his long hours and be independent. you will also experience quite a few times of not becoming his priority, because to them it goes like this: work and money/family/lover. unless you are engaged/married to them, you will be just lover, which # 3. you won't see much drama with them, unless you are somehow arrogant or spoiled. they will not tolerate that, and the drama you cause and you will be surprised how much they can be unforgiving or cruel nonetheless. they know how to strike you hard, only because when they approach you slowly they also observe. I'm writing this so that you know how they are in general, if you still want him after you read it, then go for it. Send him message or even small gift. when work/money or whatever it is he puts his mind into at the moment, is taken care of, he will reply to you. one more thing, if they say don't do something, just don't. they can love wholeheartedly but if you break their rules or don't listen to them, you will be in for a rough ride.

  • be more specific...what does he do to make you think he isn't interested?

    I may be able to help, I'm a Cap female.

  • I am a cap and i seem to get these comments all the time... I do have emotions and I do feel things - it is just my cap stubbornness (think Goat) and fear of being vulnerable to others that stops me from displaying overtly my emotions... We are so sure footed and think we know what is going on that when something doesn't go the way i think it should it really throws me... Currently in a relationship with a cancer - which is great and he helps me to show my emotional side more often - but you need to be patient with us caps as we all need to be with everyone in our lives - but we just take a little more time to open up to you... who ever you are...

  • Regarding men: I'm hotter than the blazing sun once I've decided you are worth my time, energy and total devotion.

    Regarding friends: I seem fairly aloof yet cordial until I've decided you are worth my total loyalty, time and unending efforts to assist, improve, advise and protect you.

    from a Cap woman.

  • well said bluewatermomma - i totally agree with the "worth my total loyalty, time and unending efforts to assist, advise and protect.... Wish I could come up with words like that....

  • thank you 🙂 the only reason I can come up with words like that is my moon is in Gemini, ha ha...

  • aaaahhhh is that what I am missing 🙂 I know it in my heart but just can't get it out at times - well most of the time - but then sometimes i surprise myself.....

  • You're all right. All the things listed about Caps are all true. I am a cap too and this also applies to me. Just be patient,patient, patient. If he said he likes you ten he totally means it. We don't say things like that just for the fun of it, we truely mean it when we say things like that. That's why you don't hear us saying "I love you" out of no where. When words like this are said, they're said because they come from the heart. Try gaining his trust first. Trust is everything to us. If you break our trust it is very hard to get it back. If he seems like he's not interested, dont fall for it. He's probably trying to test you. He wants to see how far can you go to gain his attention. Once you get to his heart you will become the most important person in his life. After that he will give you the world.

    Oh btw bluewatermama, you're so right with that statamet, lol. Love it!

  • Oh btw my moon is Cancer and i hate it.

    I hate feeling emotional or letting my feelings been known.

    I feel so vulnerable when that happens.

    I only like showing my emotional side with someone that i truely trust.

    And im also extremely shy.

    So how can your moon sign affect you so much!?

  • SunCappyGirl,

    Your sun sign explains what you are naturally good at.

    Your moon sign is how you react to things.

    Your ascendant is how others see you.

  • wow i didnt know lol

    my ascendat is Aries

    I guess that explains my weird side lol

    yeah i tempt to be shy and quiet w/ ppl i dont know but very outgoing, fun, and weird w/ my close friends n family

  • So, are capricorns mostly faithful in a relationship>?? Im in a relationship with a capricorn, When he gets angry, he gets REALLY angry. He's mostly nice but it just seems like I cant talk to him about anything serious, like about my feelings... I don't think he likes feelings too much, and im thinking its because of his sag moon and his aries rising. Im a pisces... gemini moon and aquarius rising, so we're like polar opposites. Sag moons dont like emotions I dont think, I think they try to control other peoples emotions, thats just what it seems like he tries to do all the timeto me. He's not a very good listener either.

    He'll try to just tell me things just to "shut me up". Is that a cap trait or sag??? My gemini moon makes me like to talk a lot, which I dont think he appreciates because he's not really a talkative person. Its just bad.. but when we're getting along its good....

    Im just wondering do capricorns take a long time to make a decision? We've been on and off for a couple of years.. and we have a child together. If capricorns decide on who NOT to be with, like if he decides to just end this with him and I , would he make it known right away or wait??

    Also, from my experience with this cap, he seems like he's been in a lot of love/hate relationships in the past. I am NOT like that at all... and sometimes I feel like his love hate rubs off on me and I dont like it. Im a pretty loving person, and im playful so the love hate thing really wilts me. .. so rigid.

    im too soft maybe?

  • Igohumble

    I can't say a specific sign is the most faithful, it's not even possible to determine that since upbringing plays important role too. I can imagine though that he could come across too strong on you since you are water sign, feelings, ups and downs, while he is not. this doesn't mean he doesn't have feelings, oh yes they sure do 🙂 but theirs don't run as deep as yours.

    I am always drawn to Cap males because they are ambitious and hard workers, not much of a drama king. because they are not much into feelings, they are pretty steady and surefooted. unless you nag them excessively or break their rules, they will stay pretty much where they are. means if they are yours, then they will stay that way for the longest time. they don't approach anything fast, if my husband married me it was because I proposed after 8 months together. If I didn't he probably wouldn't have asked. It took me 3 years to convince him to change phone provider LOL can you imagine that? He wanted to do things right, means if someone annoys him, he will set the record straight and make them change or fix it. To me, this is not always necessary because there are a whole lot of people in the world. One doesn't do a good job, get another, life is too short right? But yeah, Cap males are like that. They are ruled by Saturn the taskmaster. The title alone should tells you what influence this planet brings. Read up about it online, you'll probably understand more about these people.

    By the way they are Cardinal sign, so yes they change. If it's necessary for ambition, purpose whatever it is, they will. If you really love him, show that you can live with his long hours and when work/money is his priority. They are not creative sign, they believe what they can see and hold. I was told that if someone enters a pisces world, they may not want to leave, for this world is full of the greatest of imagination. His world, is the hard truth, good or bad. Try to accept that and he might see you as the right person for him. Challenge him sometimes. What are you good at? even if it's only cooking or house chores. They will try rise to the challenge. I do this every single time: house chores, finance, business, even in bed. Because I like to see that little spark in his eyes when he said "oh yeah? you're better than I?" well of course not always winning but it's fun to do. They are perfect partner for dreamers, for they can pull us back to reality before we go too deep in it. yep, my world is mostly dreams that I'm trying to make come true. good luck hope this helps.

  • I orginally had my sites set on this cap. but his co-worker/friend aries stepped up to the plate. The aries gave me his number and for the past three years we had sexual intercourse once, and have been in contact. I have been the one to ignitiate contact, he is busy, on top of his career he has two kids and a baby's momma that he wont leave. When we first hooked up three years I was informed that we could be friends, then a couple months ago I was informed that we are friends and lovers. We dont have long or intellectual conversations, he doesnt call me, write me and it has been a long three years and I have nothing to show for. The last time I had called he wondered why I haven't emailed, (can you blame me!) Then two weeks after the phone call I sent a email stating that I miss him, need him and want him, ( I regrett it). Lately I have been twitting his boss/friend , over the time I have become intrigued because he has alot more intellectually to say. I have been drawn by his quotes and beliefs and his work ethic his love for family and life, although I'm unsure if he is still in his on and off 8 year relationship.

    I want that cap man, but theres alot of competition for him, I try my best to stand out.

    These two men are not american men and they live over seas, they will be in town to work a gig this sunday and I'm debating on whether or not if I will go, and I had just had an epthany on how to end with Mr. aries I'm ready to move on.

  • My experience has been a roller coaster. He is on one day, off the next. I'm a cancer and have basically told my cap that I am his, no one elses and that I love him and do miss him alot. He doesnt understand these deep emotions. I have now moved into a different attitude, much through his TRAINING of me. I have stopped contact except maybe once a week and the occasional drunk dial. He always finds me and waits patiently for me but he is aloof. Sometimes very romantic and eager to be with me, other times just complacent its so confusing, I just hibernate in my shell until he is ready o see me pop out. He is very busy in his career or work out. I accept this and admire it. He also calls me his lover, thats it. He likes me to chase, im tired of chasing and putting the ball in his court.

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