Libra Craft Challenge: Beastly to Beautiful

  • those are really beautiful and i can see the hard work you did but they look like different panel from the ones you displayed ... you have 2 big panel .. but you displayed one big panel and 4 small panels .. did i misunderstand something in your explanation .. i even tried to match up the patterns of the iron work if they were put together and i just dont see it .. but they are very beautful and i am not saying they are not and you can explain your work, i just understand dont how you got the 2 panel out of the 4 small panels and 1 big panel? Especially when i dont see the same patterns on the ironwork .. could you tell me more before i vote .. because you had my vote all the way until i looked closer and you still may .. i am holding my vote until i hear from you because i am sure there is some logical explanation for this .. i am not crafty so i am not an expert i am only judging by what i see .. thanks and sorry for the trouble in having you explain again if i missed it the 1st time .. but i reread it and if its in there i didnt see it or i need glasses .. probably both

  • shellbell did you see my reply above .. sorry i didnt put your name on it ... but i have looked again and again .. i see none of the smaller panels in either of the bigger panels .. just wondered why ... are you just not showing them .. since you showed a before of them i was sure that they were part of the after .. i thought that was the deal. anyway i will await a reply.

  • shellbell .. nevermind .. i see what you did .. you didnt show the 2nd larger iron piece .. thats what it was ... i figured it out ... in the before picture everyone else was showing was they used and you didnt show the other big piece that was what threw me then you showed the finished product (2 of the smaller pieces from the before pic) but they were on the wall and the 2 bigger pieces were on the ground ... and in the before picture the 4 smaller pieces were showing and the one of the bigger pieces wasnt ... sorry .. i am very visual and that threw me all off ... so sorry ... please forgive me .. i wasnt getting off here til i figured this out .. i knew you were not being dishonest so there had to be an answer so i kept looking and rereading and eventually i got it .. . its just a visual thing with me if i see a big piece and four little pieces to begin with then i expect to end with four little pieces and a big piece either connected or seperate, etc. So sorry for the trouble and you do very beautiful work.

  • Hi Cancerone - lol - that's ok 🙂 There were alot of elements in this project so it was hard for even me to figure out how to photograph it all & combine it. I photographed the bare iron pieces in the composite that I had them on the wall originally. Had to take 2 seperate shots as the frames are rather large (one is 5 feet!). I wanted to zoom in so the detail could be seen, thus why I had to take a couple of separate shots. After I sewed & layered the various fabric panels & attached them to the frames, I actually positioned them on my wall in a different layout than I did when the frames were bare - not much different - just re-positioned a couple of them. Thank you for the compliment & sorry you got confused - glad you figured it out! 🙂

  • And the winner is ....

    Orlandoredhead! members selected Orlandoredhead's "I Dream of Genie" bottle as the Beastly to Beautiful winner! Orlandoredhead will receive an autographed copy of Your Astrology Guide 2009 by Rick Levine & Jeff Jawer! Orlandoredhead, someone from will be in touch with you shortly via e-mail to arrange for you to receive your prize.

    Thanks everyone, and get started on the new craft challenge: Invoke Mystery and Magic with an Altar or Shrine

  • A worthy winner, much time and trouble must surely have gone into this, not least the research. Just hope you have found the genie for it too... your effort deserves some magic!

  • Congrats, Orlandoredhead, you did a beautiful job on the bottle 🙂

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