Libra Craft Challenge: Beastly to Beautiful

  • Posted on behalf of Karmaqueenie:

    Sorry - I'm having a Mercury retrograde moment. Reposting the entry above, this time WITH the pictures hopefully.

    Not sure if this counts, but I picked up this tacky pair of acrylic socks marked "new but slightly flawed" in a second-hand store that had a whole bin of close-out items from another store. Some snipping and sewing, then stuffed with stuffing from a second-hand pillow. The lips are formed from the heel of one sock. The eyes are hand-painted buttons from a vintage store in the same neighborhood. The tongue was made from an odd sock I'd lost the mate to.


    socks $0.50

    pillow stuffing $1.00

    buttons $0.50

    Total: $2.28 including tax.

    It started out flawed, ended up, well, still a beast, but rather a cute one. Isn't that a Libran thing?

  • How do you vote? Anyone know?

  • Wow!!! what gorgeous make-overs you all have done! This is going to be very tough to vote on because I think you all have entered winners 🙂

  • Fantastic job to all of you....I will have to dig through my things and see what I can find?

  • All of you are very creative, but, I'm really leaning towards the genie bottle. I'll keep coming back to see what's new. I won't vote ......yet.

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  • Posted on behalf of Bliss4All (first without the puppy!):

    Hi! Here are the Before & After photos of a costume I made for our dog, Nikki, which also doubles as wall hanging in the corner of my home office.

    My inspiration: Beautiful butterflies outside my office window!

    My challenge: I've been seeing things more multi-dimensionally. I wanted to give Nikki a costume she would feel comfortable wearing yet wanted to create something multi-dimensional.

    Cost of my challenge Absolutely nothing. Everything I needed for this project I had in my garage (lots of fabric, old costumes, wire and junk) or in my office (where I store my craft paints, paper and thread).

    Items used: Construction paper, cardboard, wire, black fabric, white glue, 3 old & ripped fairy wings (different sizes), silk flowers, black ribbon, thread, craft paint and left over tacky shelving cloth.

    How I created "the before": I hand painted the wings first. Then I wired the butterfly wings in a stacking formation to give a floating effect. I wanted them to move when Nikki walked while wearing her costume. I cut out a body for each butterfly out of paper, hand painted and glued each section together. Then glued the bodies to each one of the wings. I measured & made a base harness out of cardboard wrapped in black fabric & lined with the tacky shelving cloth. (I discovered the tacky shelving cloth enabled Nikki to balance the butterflies better on her back). I made straps out of more black fabric, ribbon and tacky shelving cloth and sewed them to the body of the harness. Then I wired the butterflies to the main harness and added more of the tacky shelving cloth. For a final touch, I made a collar out of the black ribbon and added silk flowers.

    The results: After several fittings, Nikki felt comfortable wearing the costume (view the next post for shots of Nikki!). She looked beautiful, happy & transformed. We hope you think so too! Happy Halloween everyone!

  • And now for the shots of the adorable pup ...

  • To all of you would-be voters out there...

    In order to allow for some contestants to surmount technical issues, we extended the entry deadline this morning, and will be starting the voting at noon (look to the right for the voting module).

    Voting will run from 10/20 at noon (PST) to 10/24. Thanks, and good luck!

  • I had a neat idea for a project but missed the deadline - darn, I didn't realize it was extended. Everyone's entries were creative and fun to see. Maybe my idea will be workable for the Scorpio challenge...

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