• Where is this marriage going ?
    05/09/1981- Me
    01/15/1981- Husband

  • @Tauruslily This is a challenging relationship for marriage. A love affair here can be physically satisfying, to say the least. This relationship however will not be without combative elements, which, however, are not completely negative in effect; instead, they can heighten the intensity and raise the stakes - victory can be an important theme here. Strangely enough, although this kind of striving generally asserts a priority over kindness, love and consideration, it does not preclude them. Should the relationship break up as a consequence of one of these struggles, the two of you may show true compassion for each other, and sadness rather than exultation will likely be the dominant feeling.

    Marriage here is likely to lack the intensity of the love affair, but it can certainly be more relaxed and pleasant enough. You TL will suffer terrible bewilderment when power struggles do arise, since you likely haven’t yet built up anything like your husband's tough, enduring and resilient attitude. An unspoken truce should therefore periodically be put into effect at such times. But it will be time to end this relationship if power struggles cannot be brought under control.