Confusing Pisces male, need advice!

  • Hi there. I’m new to this forum, thanks for whoever takes the time to read and give me some advice.

    I am a 30 year old Taurus , hes 26 Pisces

    The last 2 weeks I have been talking to a Pisces male online, he dmd me through social media and we exchanged numbers. Ever since we started talking there has been an instant connection. Only thing is at the very beginning he told me he is moving to a difference province. We are in Canada. At first I thought it’s just nice having someone to talk to but the more we chatted the more I felt something for him, despite not meeting yet. We made plans to meet when he gets home from work which will be a few days then he moves maybe a week later. He also has 2 daughters and going through a separation with his ex wife.

    Now the part I’m unsure of is why he is putting all this effort if in fact he is moving? I did ask him is intentions are beginning and he said he thought I was pretty and was just reaching out . Then later on the more we talked he said we can see where things go. There are days he’s super into it then some days he seems very distant... some days I feel like he really is into me and then there’s days I’m overthinking and doubting it all. I just don’t understand if you aren’t wanting anything why waste all this time texting someone back and forth and putting all this effort. I feel like I’m going to get hurt so not sure what to do at this point. Thanks for reading!

  • Can you provide both your dates of birth please?

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  • May 7 1990
    March 5 1994


  • Although this will be challenging for a love affair, if you can make it to marriage, it may sort itself out. But there will be struggle and difficulties before that. There is a natural sympathy between you, but also a competition over who will be the centre of attention. This can be dealt with if each person sacrifices ego needs for the good of the relationship, concentrating on making the relationship itself shine in a circle of friends or family. Thus a divisive tendency can instead become a unifying theme, turning a weakness into a strength. Another example of positive metamorphosis here can appear in the financial sphere, where the two of you (who tend to be spendthrifts, or who are unrealistic about long-range investments), can do a turnaround as a duo, together showing financial astuteness and good sense.

    A love affair here is a notable area in which competition for attention can divide you and create open conflict. Needs and demands of this kind can get out of hand, and if the two of you fail to receive attention from each other, you may be forced to seek it elsewhere. This can undermine the relationship’s stability, and in a worst-case scenario, can destroy it. Friendship and marriage are probably the most likely setup between you to be successful in transforming egotistical drives. In these kinds of relationship, the two of you may be eminently qualified to serve as a progressive force for change, a refuge for others in times of need and a dependable anchor in providing economic stability. Your refusal Jsummerbabe to make rules governing the actions of those you live and work with can be helpful in avoiding conflict here, for this kind of attitude is essential for this man's happiness and productivity. But beware of being too permissive with him and letting him have too much of his own way. He needs disciplining because he often lacks self-discipline himself. He also tends to be more comfortable alone than with someone. He can fall passionately hot in love one day, only to change his mind and blow cold the next day. He also has trouble staying calm and in control when things don’t go his way. Given the extremes to which he is prone, this man child needs to receive unconditional love and support from those who are close to him, although he also needs firmness. Once he knows what he can and cannot get away with, he will be much less likely to look elsewhere and will remain fairly stable in a relationship. But he can also have trouble knowing when to stop when he is having a good time and this can cover partying, food, drugs, sex, smoking and drinking.