Past Present Future general reading Interpretation

  • Can anyone help me with the interpretation and timing of this spread?

    King of swords(past)

    8 of wands(present)

    2 of cups(future)

  • Without you telling me what's the question is... I would say the king of swords is about someone who is an air sign or is a master of their thoughts possibly from your past. They could be sending a message to you soon in your present which could lead to a relationship, friendship, or some type of. partnership. But, It's hard to tell without knowing what is being asked.

  • @Bluangel27

    The question was mostly a love reading for me and whether I would find love soon or not

  • Well, you will probably find love because the two of cups talk of a relationship. I don't know how far that is in the future, but it is coming!

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