Leo Sun and Leo Rising

  • My sun and ascending sign are both leo...I have recently been reading alot about astrology and applying it to all of my love relationships....I have only ever dated one of my "compatible matches" (a libra) and though the relationship did not last very long because of some unrelated issues, the sex was the best I've ever had. All of my other relationships have been major dissapointments to me, emotionally and sexually. Is it possible that because I am basically all leo it is more important for me to steer clear of any noncompatible matches (like cancer, pisces, etc.)? I would appreciate any insight...Thanks!

  • it's possible. astrology and full birth chart can explain a lot of things and how you relate to each other. but I found that love takes care of the rest.

    the only person I had very good experience in love with is my husband. well that's why I married him 🙂 everyone else before him was total loss and I sprung out of the door as soon as I found out. I didn't spend much time nurturing the relationships, because I didn't want to spend my time in the void. Water signs especially, they could really dampen my firey nature and the longest relationship I ever had with them was 3 months. if you could call that relationship.

    and no, I never had s ex with any of them. I didn't want to have s ex until I'm sure, and nobody could give me that assurance until I met my Cap hubby.

    I didn't spend too much time dwelling if one relationship failed. I licked my wounds and kept on going. I'm glad I did that, since i finally found my oasis and married him for almost 9 years now. There are other signs I have good experience with, but as friends, since commitment seems to be an issue for them: Aries and Sag. they really are crazy fun, but to commit, no no. Taurus can be fun, until they cling to something. Other than that unfortunately simply no. It's kind of strange that water signs are the worst for me since my rising is water sign Scorpio.

    But anyway astrology doesn't say much about me and my Cap compatibility but we love each other and are not giving it up. so it works. only first years were really hard, but once we passed that, there is only bliss. He is not always willing in bed, but you know us leos, if we want it we get it.

    I would suggest don't rely blindly on astrology, it's good in general, but try all signs and see for yourself who clicks and who doesn't. of course, like everything else in life, do it safe.

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