Tarot Cards that represent the chakras

  • Does anyone have any information or know how certain tarot cards represent certain chakras? For example, the magician represents the throat chakra.

  • @Bluangel27
    The Chakra Wisdom Tarot - represents Chakras with Tarot is one way to look at working this way. website

    Maybe a Tarot deck that works with crystals (A Crystal Tarot - there are a few available)

    Colours in the cards are another way to represent the chakras in each card (depending on the deck used ) the colours that stand out immediately in a reading...

    This is not something that is traditionally used in a general Tarot reading. There are plenty of Chakra or Crystal Oracle cards that can be used in this way ...

    This could be a very personal journey in how you choose to work with the Chakras and Tarot and may take some time of study and looking at how others may connect Tarot with Chakras ...

    Take care

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