Will we ever come together ?

  • I am in a healing process , but have my eye on someone -
    He is August 21 1986

    I am 14 October 1986.

    Want to know please if he has others he is interested in or if anyone is interested in him...

    I would like to start off as friends, but would like him to initiate something ..

    Anything I need to be aware of ?

    Would appreciate insight please.

    Thank you xoxo

  • @Jana-Star will try and help on this. Give a day or so

  • @Dallyalot
    Please if you can as I Might be meeting him this Saturday

  • @Jana-Star I am going to talk about what the cards are showing. I really feel like your in search of love, in search of the one. It's going to be really hard on you w this one. He's reclusive and you're not going to really know what's on his mind. I'm sorry but it looks like a shut down. Don't try to draw him out. It feels like this isn't someone you've just met. Feels like someone you've known that you've wanted to get to know better. You have a tendency to be a victim in relationships. You need a carefree , honest sincere relationship. This will not fulfill you. Ace of cups rev in advice. Let things run their course tower rev in outcome death rev in blocks. It seems like you haven't heard from him. Walk away from this.

  • @Dallyalot
    Hi there,
    Sorry I never replied to this message as I only just saw it. Thank you for this reading. Yes I see through him and it’s somebody I’m really no longer interested in. He has tried to invite himself to mine and he hardly speaks to me! He is also very boring during conversation..


    I am developing a friendship with somebody in another country to myself. His birthday is 22 June 1995 . I am 14 October 1986... however this person gives off all the signals he is falling for me, but doesn’t say anything. Too be honest I like the way our friendship is going.

    If you get a chance, could you please see what you pick up. It would be much appreciated. Thank you for the past reading. I’m feeling I dodged a bullet and I’m considering blocking August born person.

    Thank you.

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