Am I interpreting this spread right?

  • Good afternoon fellow tarot enthusiasts!

    So, the spread I have shows the Queen of Cups, the King of Cups, the 8 of Cups and the Knight of Wands.

    The question asked was "what is his relationship situation." (This refers to a straight man.)

    So... the 8 of cups makes me think the man or his girlfriend/wife/partner is leaving the relationship? Either, she is leaving him for a Knight of Wands, or he has left the relationship and is now behaving as the Knight of Wands, moving on?

    Does that sound right to you?



  • She may not necessarily be leaving her husband (tho it looks likely she could).
    I'd say she's feeling there's something lacking in the marriage and is possibly involved with this Knight of Wands (who is not one to stick around for any type commitment).
    It looks to me as though she's having an affair.

  • @lex6819 yes

  • @lex6819

    I tried an interpretation using a Marseille deck. I suppose you used RdWS, right?
    I got a sense the queen and king represents a married couple or a couple fond of each other's that reached a good level of commitment and he could propose a marriage. King is watching at distance at the knight so he is much focused on career. It is possible they share a common passion or career that bring them together. Like, they are fulfilled with their common creativity and job.

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