How to style Billy Russo’s Jacket?

  • We all are awestruck by the handsome Billy Russo since seeing him the first time on our screens. He played the role of Jigsaw in the Marvel action fiction series ‘The Punisher’. His wardrobes in the series actually made all of us went gaga for him. He wore a variety of outerwear in the series. Jackets, trench coats, hoodies, he rocked every one of them. The Billy Russo The Punisher Jacket is so charming that makes everyone look at it twice. The gorgeous design of this jacket gives the wearer a sleek finish that makes them eye candy. Styling this jacket isn’t a tiring thing to do. Just wear it over a basic t-shirt, shirt, turtleneck, sweater or a sweatshirt and see your personality glamming up in minutes. Ladies can wear it over their formal slip dresses and skirts to get a bold look. The key to getting that iconic Billy Russo class is to find a jacket that fits you perfectly.

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