Positivity - not a bad thing

  • Ugh, every New Age guru and counsellor and do-gooder seems to be spouting the virtues of being positive these days. You may just want to scream at them “Don’t give me words and platitudes – I need practical help and action NOW!” Well, believe it or not, being positive is exactly the right action you should take. It's all you need to do. Being positive is basically getting out of your own misguided limited little human way and just letting the great and almighty Universe step in and help you – which is what it is waiting to do. Why would you want to be negative anyway? And yes, it is a choice – you can choose to think, feel or behave any way you want. You are the creator of your own life. So even if you risk disappointment when you don’t achieve your goals through a positive attitude, gee whiz, is the alternative of being negatively afraid, depressed, frustrated, angry, sad, mistrustful or hopeless really a better choice? Is that any way to live this amazing experience we called “life”? Is it really living then? Rather than becoming dejected or losing trust in God/spirit when you don’t get what you want, it’s much more constructive to believe that whatever you wanted was not what you truly needed to help you grow and thrive, because the Universe always has your best interests at heart and it knows what your soul truly yearns for.

    Or do you think it might be more beneficial to be cranky, cynical, disillusioned, panicked or confused all the time? Because this is the choice you are consciously or unconsciously making every day – to be happy or unhappy. It’s choosing between risking possibly being disappointed over definitely being miserable. Now you tell me, what is the smart choice? Oh, you may say, I tried it for a while, this being positive thingy, but it just didn’t work. But how do you know it didn’t work? Perhaps you gave up just before your goal was reached. Some things take longer than others to manifest, like for example, your health if it has been bad for a long time. You only have to believe to receive, trust that good things ARE going to happen for you, and don’t put a time limit on it. Because the alternative is being permanently unhappy. Or are you completely hooked on complaining. stewing and suffering? If it’s just sympathy and someone to hold you up and say "There, there, you poor old thing!" that you want – forget it, it might be nice for a while and God knows we all need a hug from time to time, but eventually you'll run out of people willing to listen or help. You have the power to help yourself, just by adopting a new attitude. Try it for a month! You'll never return to negativity.

    The rewards of adopting a permanently positive attitude are so incredible. Until you fully commit to it, you cannot imagine how wonderful your life can become. Oh no, you might say, I cannot be positive when the world is in such a state of chaos and upheaval and when there is so much pain and suffering everywhere, with only bad people seeming to profit. You press your point, offering covid, climate change, war, recession, etc. Guess what, history tells us that the human race has always lived through crises and disasters and plagues and war etc - but we have always survived, older and wiser. Every generation faces grave threats. It's how we respond to them that matters, to slip into gloom or work for a better future. And you cannot know anyone else’s true situation so you cannot rightly judge - you are just left with your own life to tend to. Of course, it’s right to feel compassion and concern towards those who are suffering, but you don’t help the world by adding to its 'bottomless pit' of misery and negativity. Won’t you be one of the people holding up a light in the darkness instead of adding to the murk? Be a house of light. Once you adopt a positive viewpoint – and hold onto it - things that previously looked chaotic and messy and just plain bad or wrong will turn into a perfect order where everyone is learning the lessons they need to learn in order to become more evolved souls and where the Universe is carefully guiding us all every step of the way.

    I mediate every day on positivity. It only takes a few minutes to ask the Universe to fill you up with light and love, to breathe out any negativity. In positivity, out negativity. Simple! Positivity absolutely changes your life. I wake up every day with hope and happiness in my heart because I know I will have a great day, whatever happens. Other people respond to my positivity by being nicer to me. When you are positive-minded, you don’t even have to ask for anything because spirit knows your thoughts and desires BECAUSE THERE IS NO NEGATIVITY IN YOU TO OBSCURE THE MESSAGE and will send you what you need almost instantaneously! Negativity blocks everything. It blocks medicines from healing you or the right treatment being prescribed by your doctor, it blocks your body and heart from working through and understanding past emotional trauma, it blocks you from attracting help or rewards or abundance, it stops you from seeing things clearly, it prevents answers and solutions coming to you, it clouds your mind and your heart so you cannot hear the voice of your guiding intuition. Imagine you are standing behind a towering brick wall with everything you want on the other side – health, wealth, love, a great career etc. The brick wall is negativity, this is effectively what it does to a person. SO WHY WOULD YOU CHOOSE TO BE NEGATIVE?

    Please choose positivity and we will turn this world around.

  • Everyone in the world needs to read this post. Well put @TheCaptain.

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