Will he be oke?

  • I just ended a 3 year relationship due to the lack of love interest from my part. And I had a problem with the age difference from the beginning and I didn’t want a relationship with him, but I thought let me give it a try😕It was a difficult decision for me to make. I had the feeling that I was being mean to him all the time and I wasn’t in love so I broke it off. Now it’s like 2 months that we’ve moved on and we still are talking and communicating well because we care about one another. Now I would like to know if we will be good friends for life and if he will soon find some happiness, because he deserves it. He is having or had trouble with moving on and I can’t seem to forgive myself for causing him so much pain. And on top of that it’s not going well at work. I feel it’s my fault. His date of birth is September 10th 1996 and mine is July 8th 1985.

    Thank you 🙏

  • You are confusing him by giving him mixed messages - you call off the love affair but continue to communicate warmly. No wonder he cannot move on - you are still giving him hope. If you want to help him, stop talking to him so regularly. Pull back.

  • @TheCaptain thank you. I don’t want to confuse him and I don’t want to hurt him either. Sometimes he’s asking for attention or he’s feeling sad and so I want to be there for him. I thought the way I was handling it was a good way. I even encourage him to date. I will need to find a way to handle this without hurting him even more.

  • @Jubisay it may need to be a quick clean break. As long as you are around, he will not give up hope of a romance.

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  • @Cutiee28 please start your own thread and I will answer you there.

  • @Jubisay Staying friends with ex is a bad idea.

  • @Mommy-Crab
    I am cool with my exes for a longtime and I never had any problems with any ex. Some I still talk to and some moved on of course , but we cool tho. Non have ever cost me any problems because I’m very honest and direct about everything. They know I don’t play. But I can understand that some have a different opinion and experiences with their exes. ☺🙏 Some of my friends can’t deal with their exes. Always drama for some reason.

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