Scorpio & Libra

  • We Are Awesome, We Been Going Out For A Year And 2 Mouths Now And We Don't Ever Let Anything GEt In Between Us I Gonna Put A Picture Of Us When We Were Littler !!!

  • Brooklene I don't know if one or both of you are on or near the cusp. But I am and I get along with every Scorp I come in contact with. I am a home body like the scorp but not secretive as one. They don't talk about their lives on an intimate level. They keep it to themselves. Where my life is an open book. They sometimes aren't as trusting as I am. I don't know if I helped or not. I also don't dig into others business and I take what they say at face value until I have reason to push for more information. But once you have lied to me I don't believe a word of anything else you tell me.

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