Please help...I'd appreciate it so much!

  • I met a man years ago while I was away for work on a mediterranean island, we fell deeply in love, but I had to leave and return to the US. We continued our relationship but the distance got the best of us. We just started talking again in June and the feelings seem to still be there. The issue is he has an ex that is married and wealthy, when she gets bored with her husband, she comes back to my ex promises him the world, then leaves again, she's been doing this for almost a decade. However, I think she is trying to leave her husband for good this time and come back to my ex because he cut off all communication with her.
    Although I love and care about him, I dont want to waste my time or potentially be put in a 3rd party and also my mind is telling me the situation is unrealistic for us to be together because of the distance, but we still talk, in the past made legal plans for either of us to move, and we still get along so well. Could someone please help me with this situation? I'd appreciate it so much

    My bday: 12 March 86
    His bday: 21 July 77
    Ex: She's a Sag or a Capricorn

    thank you again 🙂

  • Hi Alisa, I would be happy to do a 4 card reading for you using the Lovers Tarot deck and I will draw an Angels and ancestors oracle card for you also. Let me know if you would like me to do this for you 🙂

  • @Ellarose

    Thank you, Yes, I’d appreciate it very much! ❤

  • Sorry but this guy is not truly in love with you if this other woman can snatch him back so easily. Do not chase someone whose heart is so divided. This is not going to end well for you.

  • @TheCaptain

    Thank you for your advice, however, Im certainly not, nor will I ever chase a man, the communication has been mutual. And his ex did not "snatch him back" we had been seperated for quite some time before she returned; im saying she has a history of being in and out.

  • Comparing your compatibility with his, the profile indicates that this will be a difficult relationship for love, even without this other woman's interference. The relationship will generally require an agreement to disagree. The energy here tends to be polite but guardedly confrontational - the two of you often won’t see eye to eye, but if you could accept your differences of opinion, the created respect would augur well for the relationship’s future. Although honesty is a high priority here, undeniably manipulative tendencies are clear in your need to convince and influence each other. Your exchanges can appear witty, elegant and charming to bystanders, but may carry serious and powerful undertones for the two of you yourselves. A seductive attitude will be prominent in a love affair or marriage here, often being used to win or settle arguments. This kind of emotional manipulation is likely to cloud the original issue and blunt any impulse to seek out the truth. While this relationship can be pleasurable enough, then, it is also self-deceiving. Unless the two of you can build strong beliefs and goals, you may fritter away your energies in game-playing activities that keep you both amused but do nothing to help you develop and grow. Your love interest especially doesn’t thrive in relationships where there is constant harmony; if things are going too well, he is not above stirring up trouble to keep the adrenaline pumping. He must learn the difference between excitement and drama. Advice: Beware of manipulation. Give each other room to breathe. Remind yourselves that winning arguments is not of primary importance in love. Keep the melodrama to a minimum but make the relationship stimulating.

  • @AlishD will have your reading for you in the next few days 🙂

  • @Ellarose Thank you!

  • @AlisD so sorry I haven't done your reading for you. Would you still like me to do the reading? Will have it for you by this evening if so 🙂

  • @Ellarose hi, I think I have and idea of what is going to take place, but yes. Could you please, I guess just so that I know Im headed in the right direction. Thank you

  • @TheCaptain Thank you Capitan for your insight.

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