Cancer men & Aries woman (myself)

  • So I’m new here just looking for a little help. I’ve been talking with this cancer guy and he’s an emotional person. I actually know him from high school we had a thing but I chose to drop it back then. Two years later I see him at a heat game and we talked and I felt like no time had passed from high school and we decided to see each other again. Me & him have been having a secret relationship for about 8 months. Secret because I had just gotten out of a 5 yr relationship that I wasn’t happy in. My parents obviously didn’t agree with my cancer guy because they wanted to be with my last bf. I’ve been secretly seeing him without my parents knowing for those 8 months. My parents found out and want nothing from him and doesn’t want me to even mention his name. He obviously just wants to spend time together which is understandable but gets mad whenever I tell him my parents are arguing over us and giving me tough time so I can’t go out now. Yesterday this happened again. Yesterday my cancer guy told me it was better for us to just not be together because we can’t even spend time together. I love him so much I j
    Don’t know if he’ll change his mind or come back or not maybe because of pride. One thing I could say I have never felt like this even in my 5 yr relationship. He’s so special and makes me feel like the last coke in the dessert and I want him so much but his patience can't wait. I can’t get over the idea of loosing him again. Also he lives two blocks away from me which is hard bc I wanna go see him so bad but I choose not to bc I want him to come to me. I don’t know what to do .

  • Can you give me both your dates of birth?

  • This post is deleted!

  • When I read an email, I'm looking for information. I expect notifications to be concise and to-the-point, not a complete thought. If it were a conversation, I'd be considering all the information being presented to me and, if it's relevant, replying with a question or a suggestion. Also, you can get cv writing services sydney to submit your task on time. But you're just not communicating with me when you put up a notification that I have to go elsewhere to get the whole story. It was nice while it lasted but we need to break up.

  • will he come back??

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