*instant attraction” what could come of it?

  • Just met a guy OMG he is sooooo beautiful . His birthday is 21 August 1986 and I’m 14 October 1986.

    Is there any potential here? His name is Harry.

    Could this be long term leading to commitment...

    Insight please..

    Thank you

  • This can work out well for marriage. If either of you (or both) are coming out of a failed relationship or marriage, it might help a love affair between you to take root. Both your self-esteems will usually be low at this point. Such a relationship will generally start slowly, but move with a knowing purposefulness. Building trust will not always be easy, but each small step will increase confidence, establishing the idea that love might once more be a possibility. This guy will appreciate not being hurried or pushed, and you will value simply being given a second chance to get it right. You Jana can be powerfully dominant, but your aggression will generally be less apparent in this relationship. This guy for his part may feel free enough with you to express his creativity, knowing he will be appreciated and understood. The relationship may mark a high point in both your lives, working to renew your good feelings about yourselves and to reaffirm your self-confidence.

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