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  • Newbie here! Just started with the cards and I think I’m getting a good understanding of their general meanings but did a reading for myself today with regards to work as I’m currently off and wanted to know whether it was likely I would be returning. I got the two of swords ... decisions right .... I clarified as to whether my manager was having trouble making decisions as to who was returning and when. I pulled three more cards and got .... two of cups, two of wands, two of pentacles! I’m a bit confused myself now!

    Any thoughts please


  • It looks like your manager is trying to make a decision too on what to do. There is a lot of 2's in this reading. Two of swords because you are debating if you will have work or not. Your manager appears to be trying to balance who is returning and there are some emotions, ideas, and tangible things occurring as to what they want to do They might be getting help from other people to make their ultimate decision. 2 is a number of balance and choices.

  • Thanks very much for your help

  • Thanks for your reply. Now I look at it it makes total sense that his decision would need to take into account emotional, logical and monetary aspects.

  • My thoughts are that as the two of swords is tension while a decision is made followed by the 2 of cups - a happy union or reunion could be your return to work especially if you had a good working relationship with your manager. The 2 of wands is often 2 things merging to make one. Perhaps your role when you return will mean you have more responsibilities, this could link with 2 of pentacles which often shows juggling more than one thing. The 2 of Pentacles could also be you juggling two different jobs.

    I hope that is offers some clarity 🙂

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