What does this mean?

  • I’m newish to tarot 😊. I don’t know how much detail to give here lol. I did a reading... the question was, “why isn’t he talking to me”. The answer was King of Pentacles. I didn’t understand so I asked what that means and I got King of wands and 10 of cups. While I was trying to figure that out, I was still shuffling and ace of cups fell out. What the heck does this mean? He is a Virgo... so I think of him as my king of pentacles 😊. But how does this explain why he’s suddenly avoiding me? Thank you in advance for any responses. I feel like these are all nice cards when talking about a love connection... could it be interpreted as him planning something? Like him thinking about how to move, wanting to move, feeling like I’m his 10 of cups and going to offer his cup? Or maybe he’s seeing that in someone else? 😕

  • Well based on the cards you pulled, the king of pentacles could be there to say he more concerned about money. The king of pentacles necessarily doesn't have to be a person with an earth sign. So yeah, king of pentacles as to why he isn't talking to you because he is focused on money, finances, career and the king of wands and 10 of cups backs that up as a man that is happy and passionate about his work. The ace of cups is showing a new beginning of that. The cards are showing you why he isn't talking to you. not how he feels or thinks of you. If you want to know about the connection between y'all, you have to ask the cards that specific question. That's my opinion about it.

  • @Bluangel27 Thank you for this response! 😊 I appreciate the different perspective. Thank you especially for the way you phrased it 😊. I think I always consider emotions to be the reason for things but of course it could just be that he is thinking about something else.

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