Was I friends with an illusion?

  • Birth dates at bottom.

    Did my dearest most important VIP friend never exist? We've been through it all side by side for the better part of a decade. We were confidants whether 2000 miles or 20ft apart.

    I helped her through rough times. She helped me too.. We had a blast many times!! We also lived together in a house I hated. We moved. It should be fine right?

    Then suddenly... last month.... she says I'm a monster and a liar. I haven't lied. I reacted when accused but have NEVER lied. She has to know this, Where did this come from out of the blue? I am confused. I usually don't care about her little retreats from the world. But right now it's different. Before now we had plans where I'd back her in a business in a year or two...

    But the past six weeks are beyond strange. She has moods with all her close friends occasionally and usually it's no big deal. But I question if this is different from past times? Could be more? I don't know if COVID is causing distrust... or if I need to be patient and trust. Or if I need to get her to be proactive and get her head out of a dark place?

    She really seemed to hate me. I feel like my most intimate VIP friend was a mirage, an illusion. Never real. It is impacting every other thing in my life. I'm hurt. Anyone have input? This all hurts deeply for now.

    Me: 6/11/74
    Her: 3/6/62

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