Help needed in interpretation of these cards.

  • Hi
    A friend tried to do a reading for me but I have no idea what is being said.
    The following cards have been pulled for a reading
    it was meant to be a 6 card spread with clarification
    The question was What does the universe have in store for me following lockdown and covid 19? is this a good or difficult question?
    Five of Pentacles reversed
    The High Priestess reversed
    Seven of Swords reversed
    Ten of Pentacles reversed
    The Star reversed
    Eight of Pentacles reversed
    Four of Cups reversed
    The Chariot reversed
    The Knight of Cups reversed
    The Queen of Swords
    Seven of Wands
    Six of Wands and Judgment

    She also pulled some Oracle cards
    What are Oracle cards
    “Hyena” and “Lamb” from The Wild Unknown Animal Spirit;
    “The Corn” and “The Time Master” from Mystical Shaman Oracle;
    “Pheasant” and “Owl” from Divine Feather Messenger.
    TY for your help
    I am totally confused.

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