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  • Hi.. these are my boyfriend and my dobs. I have his permission. Could u please check if we have the chance at a long term future? Marriage several years down the line? Things have been hard with us lately.Please and thanks
    Female - 02/10/1997 ddmmyy
    Male- 20/03/1996

  • Sorry to say, this relationship can be difficult for love. It requires a great deal of honesty and openness - perhaps too much; its success will depend, in fact, on its ability to cope with direct confrontations. These challenges may demand adjustments that are at odds with the basic nature of the both of you, and that you may feel compromises your individuality. Giving in to the other person’s demands in a desperate effort to please, and to make the relationship work, may result in a loss of pride and self-esteem. Meaningful compromise is essential if the relationship is to work out in the long term, but giving ground may, unfortunately, be difficult or even impossible. Battles between you will put tremendous strains on day-to-day living.

    This is particularly true in sexual and financial matters, but in many other areas, too, the negative emotions created by the frank attitudes characteristic of this relationship are often too much to handle and can arouse insecurity and unhappiness. The spotlight here often falls on your partner and what you find wrong with him. Should the two of you live together, as lovers or spouses, you may see yourself as an adviser to your partner, whose problems you will try to solve and whose needs you will tend to. He can, for his part, come to depend on this support and may even hold on to certain problems because they provide a way to gain your attention. However, you can easily swing from over-interest to disinterest, leaving him baffled.

    He will generally make few demands on you in terms of asking you to change, but one request he will certainly make is that you open up and be sympathetic. Emotional honesty is so important to your partner that if he cannot get it from you, he will become depressed, unhappy and restless. To avoid these funks, he will keep pushing harder for honesty, even if this leads to unpleasantness. Real progress can be made in this relationship by open discussion, as long as fairness and justice keep such communication from degenerating into continual bickering. Advice: Try to be more responsive. Show sympathy and love openly. Show emotional honesty. Don’t be afraid to fight, but avoid petty bickering.

    Your BF can have problems distinguishing between loyalty and love and he may as a result stay in a passionless relationship out of a sense of duty. This can reveal the maturity and strength of his character, but he does need to remember that his first responsibility should be to his own happiness. He should ask himself who is really benefiting if he remains in a place from which love has departed.

  • @TheCaptain hi captain..thank you for taking the time out to answer this for me. At some parts i felt as if the things u were explaining for him are true for me and not him. I got a little thrown off by it. But other parts did seem to reasonate. I have been to a vedic astrologer before who upon seeing the boy's chart told me that he has a sanyas yog as per vedic system. Sanyas- exile i.e. he would walk away from worldly pleasures after 2033. I would like to get ur inputs on the same please. Do you see anything like that happening too?
    Male, 20 march 1996, 8:55 pm

  • @Mishka I don't do predictions that far ahead in the future.

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