Who's your alter ego this Halloween?

  • Halloween is just around the corner! Many of us love to play dress-up on this special holiday for fun ... and to unveil another side of ourselves.

    Tarot.com wants to know: how do you get in touch with a different side of yourself on All Hallows Eve?

    Jump into the discussion (and feel free to share pics of your Halloween costumes)!

  • I am going to go with the corpse bride. from that movie by Tim Burton. I think she's pretty scary. but yeah it's only a plan. hubby won't like it, he'd rather wait for the kids knocking for candies. I probably can sneak out and scare them when they arrive, but not actually going out there on the street scaring people off

  • I am staying home and celabrateing in a very special ritual this year. I am on a vision quest to revisit my past, present and future on a new plane. Interested?

  • I love this image.

  • Not sure...I always love to dress as some kind of cat. In past years, I've also been a vampire, a superhero, a clown, a witch, a hippie, but I really love cats. Last year, the King Tut Exhibition was in town and there were quite a few related costumes. But this year, Contenthermit might have a point!

  • I will be a Pirate in Renaissance fashion ....Arrrrgh me matey's ....where is that candy NOW?

  • There was a show from New Zealand in the 90s that I watched called, 'The Tribe' and they used make up to create their own tribal styles, and I've always loved Ebony's style, so I think I'm going to try to re-create her style: here's a picture:

  • I'm going to be Little Red Riding Hood and my fiance is going to be the Big Bad Wolf!

  • This halloween I'm taking my son "trick or treating." I like to pass out candy but not this year!!! Its ok though because i enjoy the candy after going to the door too!!

  • For the past few years my 2 teenage boys and I have worked in the Haunted Forest that our local rescue squad host. This year I am a crying widow, My hair stands straight up my face is painted like a creepy skeleton I ware glove that have bone hands on them and I am flinging myself onto a grave that has hands coming up out of it. On of my boys is under a table with just he's bloody head sticking out of it and the other has a gory mask on and stands real still and moves only when the people get close to him. Every year we spend weeks preparing for the event. Ever since they got to old to go trick or treating this is our way of spending Halloween. It's so much fun and I know exactly were my kids are. We Love it, Happy Halloween to all.

  • Since I will be handing out candy all night, I decided to do something incredibly simple. I have a witch's cauldron for candy, and will be donning big clown hands and a giant striped clown tie over one of my spouse's work shirts. lol

    In years past I've been the pretty princess, complete with with crinolines under my costume.

    I felt the need for something humorous this time around as this year has gotten far too 'serious'.



  • Yes Iam interested in what you are doing could you tell me more?

  • I'm always drawn towards being a vampire. Maybe because this is an easy thing, maybe I just love the colurs and Goth-like styles, maybe it's because I'm already very pale even with a tan (so no white makeup reqired), or maybe because I've always loved vampires. The personal joke when I dress as one is that I am a vegetarian!

  • i'm a virgo...so this is the perfect time to let out my alter-ego...what else could i be other than a sex kitten!!!!!

  • I wrote the lyrics to a music video called "On A Halloween Night" and would like to

    share that video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cO-NE9Iabn with all Halloween Night fans

  • My guy friend has a little bridge to his front door, over a dry "Creek" I decided to be a bridge troll and sit outside and pass out candy. Sort of a toll in reverse!

  • My sun sign is Pisces and in Chinese astrology I am a Tiger so I think I;ll go out fishing for some tigers.......

  • Because this is like the New Year for me I'll probably do a ritual and then dress up like a Tarot Witch, with my favorite cards on my costume.

  • That is so funny, I am a veggie also. What is the deal with the vampire thing. I love it as well. Maybe its the ulitimate vegetarian rebel haha!

  • OMG that is SO pretty. It reminds me of Alia in queen of the damned. No one has ever been hotter!

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