• Hello! Hope anyone can help me.

    I'm having a dilemma, or should I say I am confused as to how affairs work. The one that's with a married person.

    We are not in a relationship. The guy is married with one child. My mother is friends with the both of them. Lovely family. The wife lives in another town with the son. While this guy works near our home. We meet on a regular basis (platonic meeting).

    Lately, he's been acting differently. Talking about relationships etc, whenever I am around.

    Am I reading too much into this? I keep telling myself that he's just being friendly.

    Thanks for the help in advance.

  • I feel he is wanting sympathy and someone to confide in more than an affair. But if you are too sympathetic, he might try for more.

  • Thanks @TheCaptain!

    I was shocked when I read something he posted online. It was kind of a cryptic message and I can't help but think it is about me. I really don't understand the sudden animosity.

  • @RaspberryGirl it's hard being friends w the opposite sex. Eventually there'll be some sort of sexual tension esp if you meet on a reg basis. You can't help but wonder what if. You may want to establish your boundaries w him by letting him know that you don't get involved w married men. I suggest a cancelled meeting would help also. I wouldn't complicate situation by the what if.

  • @Dallyalot also if he was entertaining thought of more then found out he can't go there...that's the animosity. He's a control freak. Prob passive aggressive

  • Actually, love affairs with married people don't work.

  • To add to what TheCaptain said about affairs with married people leads to bad karma for you. It's a situation to be avoided.

  • You guys are amazing!

    I'm literally having shivers run down my spine.

    Lately I've been thinking about this situation. What I want in life and relationships.

    I did an experiement where I hide whenever he comes around. But then, he will suddenly show up early the next morning saying he forgot to pay etc. Overstaying his welcome, etc. I am trying not to put meaning into this, but it happened again.

    I think I am just lonely. Putting meanings into things that really don't mean anything.

    As much as I wanted to clarify things between us, I don't want to jeopardize our friendship. I am fully aware that there are lines we should never ever cross.

    It is just soooo confusing.

  • @RaspberryGirl i also wanted to share a celtic cross reading i made for this situation as follows:
    Present - king of wands
    Blockage - hanged man
    Subconcious- lovers
    Past - 9 of pentacles
    Concious - devil
    Near future - empress

    Advice - 3 of pentacles
    External force - king of swords
    Hopes and fears - 9 of swords
    Outcome - 7 of wands

    Not a very good reading for me.

  • It's not confusing - married people who want an affair on the side are only looking for some fun and to reassure themselves that they are still attractive. They want sympathy/love/sex that they are not getting at home, but they don't want to leave their spouses completely.

  • @RaspberryGirl you need to get to the place where you trust your intuition and better judgement. Your feeding into his attention and what if. It's a game.

  • @Dallyalot spirit tells me this isn't his first go round at this. I don't think you know all nuances w him and even wife. I also feel he's insecure in his marriage. It affords him room.

  • @TheCaptain u r not smart

  • @Dallyalot I always thought he indeed is insecure in his marriage. A year ago, I thought he made a pass on one of our acquaintances. Tho we brushed it off as a joke.

    Are his intentions that bad?

  • @RaspberryGirl the yuck factor for me would be the fact he's a friend of the family and he's married.

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