• Hello! Hope anyone can help me.

    I'm having a dilemma, or should I say I am confused as to how affairs work. The one that's with a married person.

    We are not in a relationship. The guy is married with one child. My mother is friends with the both of them. Lovely family. The wife lives in another town with the son. While this guy works near our home. We meet on a regular basis (platonic meeting).

    Lately, he's been acting differently. Talking about relationships etc, whenever I am around.

    Am I reading too much into this? I keep telling myself that he's just being friendly.

    Thanks for the help in advance.

  • I feel he is wanting sympathy and someone to confide in more than an affair. But if you are too sympathetic, he might try for more.

  • Thanks @TheCaptain!

    I was shocked when I read something he posted online. It was kind of a cryptic message and I can't help but think it is about me. I really don't understand the sudden animosity.

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