Relationship reading please xx

  • Hi loves,
    Not a major thing happening here, but a guy I have my eye on and I feel may have his eye on me as well, I'm curious to know if it's a good idea to pursue or not. I'm born sept 9, 1994 and him nov 4, 1993. Love and lightxx

  • Both of you have a withdrawn, private side, so that you would often just as soon spend your time alone. The chemistry of this matchup however can be surprising in that it activates an impulse for social interaction with other people. This is a relationship that will try to turn you both away from a preoccupation with the personal, giving you the chance to balance that side of yourselves with family, community, club and team-sports interests. Your periods of silence or solitude will never be completely erased, but this relationship would give the two of you an opportunity to combine your more introverted sides with other aspects of life that you might well have neglected.

    A love affair here can be dark, passionate, even stormy, but also rather impractical and a bit heavy at times. It would need some grounding. But it can activate deep areas of both your psyches, creating a smoldering intensity. At the same time, the relationship can have a social drive that prevents the two of you from wallowing in the moods and depressions to which you are both prone, motivating you to seek out the company of other people. Marriage here can be highly successful, even if the two of you sometimes need a little relief from each other - which you will likely find in parties, entertainment, vacations, games and other light-hearted activities involving friends or family. This can be a brilliantly complementary match however as you are sexually and intellectually compatible.

    This man is very sexy and likes to be controversial and provocative so as to be noticed or remembered. So although he may need lots of solitude, he will also thrust himself into social situations if they can maximize his chances of attracting admirers and a potential partner. Once he learns to love himself for who he is and overcomes hurts from the past (he has trouble forgiving and forgetting), he will attract and hold on to his ideal partner - someone inventive and intelligent like himself.

  • Thank you @TheCaptain this was insightful and I find it seems to be very true so far, I decided to go on a date with him today and found out that we have alot of interesting common thoughts

  • @TheCaptain can I ask, I have been trying to take what you say into account as it has been very true so far that he does seem to like having attention from girls and likes going with friends out, is he going to start losing interest in me?

  • @Jodomi yes he will if you do.

  • @TheCaptain if I do what? Lose interest in him?

  • @TheCaptain how do I show him I'm still interested? Because I don't think texts are working very well at all.

  • @Jodomi why not try the direct approach?

  • @TheCaptain direct approach as in person, is a bit hard to do when we both have different schedules and I don't know where he is all the time. But a direct approach as in sending a message telling him how I feel, I've just done something similar yesterday afternoon and now am waiting for a response!

  • @Jodomi texting is not a direct face to face - if you cannot meet with him just to tell him how you feel, how are you going to organize a date - or more?

  • @TheCaptain yes I'm trying to meet him face to face again, the problem is that we have different schedules and I don't know where he is all the time, I've just tried being direct in asking if he wants to continue speaking to me and meeting in person

  • @Jodomi - and he doesn't reply?

  • @TheCaptain actually i just found out he is on vacation and not in town currently

  • @Jodomi doesn't he have his phone with him?

  • @TheCaptain yes, and he's back in town now for work, but I believe at this point he just wants that space

  • If a guy is really keen, he lets nothing else come first.

  • @TheCaptain you're right. He's not interested I believe.

  • @TheCaptain could you tell me about what type of relationship is here with this person, I feel it's a good lifelong friendship that could happen, but is it possibly more too? His birthday is 13 may 1996 and mine is 9 September 1994

  • Both friendship and love can be extremely close here. The relationship may begin with your aggressive/curious love interest hanging around and hoping to be noticed by you. You will need to give a signal that some further advance would be appreciated. Once the two of you have acknowledged your mutual interest, things can move quickly toward intimacy. This guy will have an interesting way of ignoring your defenses and going right to the heart of your personality. The two of you may share a sense of fantasy and of comedy, but your tendency Jodomi to withdraw emotionally will periodically frustrate this guy, especially when it occurs during intimate moments. He can go far, however, in convincing you of the need to be truly present and honestly involved. In marriage here, the idea of self-development and personal achievement will be extremely strong. Both of you will benefit from the relationship’s self-actualizing orientation, but you will also be there for each other in times of need. Thus, while both of you will be able to progress on your individual developmental and spiritual path, your partnership will also evolve and grow in stature.

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