Help understanding my reading

  • Currently my boyfriend and are going through a rough patch. I personally messed up and breeched trust. (I didn’t cheat- I just lied about something I should not have).

    He’s having some issues with this as he feels betrayed by me. But he didn’t break up with me. He said he still loves me but needs to think about what to do but we are still together...

    I asked my cards “are we going to work this out are we supposed to be together?”

    I drew until I felt content.

    10 of cups upright
    2 of cups upright
    Queen of wands
    The tower upright
    The sun upright
    King of wands upright
    Wheel of fortune upright
    3 of wands upright

    idk if it helps but I’m a 23 yr old Sagittarius and he is a 39 yr old Scorpio.

    I can’t help but feel like the tower represents the conflict now but we’re going to work it out and we are meant to be. But I am also new to tarot so I am going by what I read on google. Help me please

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