Is this bachelor good potential for me?

  • If so, how long until we come together ?

    I have a feeling he could be , but when I am ready ? Am I correct ?

    His birthday is 8th November 1989...

    I’m October 14 1986

    Feelings please?

  • This matchup will be bedeviled by disagreements and dissenting opinions from the start. Often such contrasts can give it an intense dynamism for a while, but they may also break it apart. In matters of love, Jana, your outgoing qualities and this man's introverted tendencies can come into direct conflict. At first, the relationship can thrive on such differences, but over time, this temperamental incompatibility can prove insurmountable. He may come to see you as superficial and self-aggrandizing, while you may be unable to cope with his moods and depressions.

  • @TheCaptain

    Oh wow okay... yes I feel I have lived more than him. I like to go out and I’m very social . My mars placement is in Aquarius....

    He is much more at home with the family.

    I will continue talking as a friend, but I’m not going to take up any offer.
    I have a feeling too he is not a spender and I love socialising e.g dining out etc..

    Yes not for me ...

    Where is my man???! Lololololol I understand next year.

    I am loving my alone time and being able to breathe ... xx

  • @TheCaptain
    However , thank you for your insight and taking the time to write me a very informative reply.
    Much appreciated. Thanks !

  • @TheCaptain
    I already had one up and down rollercoaster and never want another one again!

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