Help with 9 of Wands and The Tower

  • I am recently single and received the 9 of Wands for love outcome ( lovers tarot deck) clarified by The Tower and 9 of Wands (the new mythic tarot)

    My feeling is I'm defensive, hurt and wounded- 9 of Wands. There will be further disruption, the battle is not over - The Tower. I hope this is not the case lol. Anyone have a different interpretation??

    Any clarification will be much appreciated ☺

  • I agree that the 9 of Wands is about having your defences up while you deal with your 'wounds' , The Tower could be warning you not to start building a wall around yourself hoping it'll keep your heart safe. Love strikes (real, raw love) and it'll knock down everything you're trying to protect.
    Be defensive, work on yourself but remain open to love/relationships.

  • @55Degrees thank you for your interpretation 55degrees it does resonate as I'm comfortably locked away in the sanctuary of my home, healing but feel strong and safe. The Tower then is perhaps sending the message this is a false sense of security as love will strike and unexpectedly.

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