Offering a full 10 card Celtic spread for those. . .

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  • Dear yellow rose,

    Often, when one meets someone who lives far away, there is a sense of awakening that tells one that nothing is ever final. There is always hope. The reality is that both of you have moved on, and your best course of action is to focus on creating the life you were meant to live, your own.

    Not only is distance an obstacle, there is financial dependency and the need to live in one's own neighborhood with friends and family surrounding him with love.

    Nothing in life is ever a final ending. Even though you may feel impatience over the details, it is best that you move forward.

  • Dear Khemosabie,

    You are right to feel scared and concerned. This man sounds insecure and provokes disharmony by his inconsistency. Since he has been in more than one marriage rather than sticking by your side, he is filled with deep-seated fears that cannot be resolved by discussing the past. His problems go deeper than you realize.

    Seeing him again and discussing what happened may be the wisest course. If you still feel drawn to him, allow him time to prove he is worth the trouble you have put up with. If he continues his crazy behavior, you are within your rights to put a stop to this insanity.

  • Dear loanlady,

    Your position echoes what I faced a few years ago, and I can relate to your concern.

    Practice in the mirror so that you won't feel overwhelmed. Wear a suit in dark blue rather than black, and wear your hair up with small earrings and no other jewelry except a watch. Your interviewer should not be distracted by your accessories. Doing so will help you come across in a professional manner and impress with your knowledge of the business.

    You should be hired with no problem.

  • Dear Firefly

    Thank you for the generous offer.

    My question is what is the relationship energy/forces surrounding myself and LR over the next month?


  • Dear tomhais,

    Logically, the blue house will most likely become yours as the better offer. The pink house has not been on the market long enough for the sellers to be desperate. Sorry. First impressions say a lot.

    If you have already made an offer on the blue house, don't be surprised if is accepted. It may not be the house of your dreams, as well as having the need to create your own charm in your own way, but it has great possibilities that you may have overlooked.

    I see that you do not wish to give up your dreams but the Hanged Man suggests you may be forced into doing so, as it represents a complete reversal of what you had originally planned, and disappointment may bring you down to the ground, so to speak.

    If you have not made an offer, yet, my suggestion is to wait it out and/or look further afield.

  • Dear Kaylafaithsmama,

    You need to move on. This man is tormenting you for the purpose of hurting you. If you try to seek a reconciliation, he will continue his behavior and his cheating because you are accepting him without making any sort of demands.

    Do not pay attention to his words. Pay attention to his actions. How he acts will reveal how he truly feels.

  • Dear Sacogirl,

    Go to From there, you will find out if he has used a credit card within the last few months or moved and his current address. It will take you to Intellius for into for a fee. is a free site where you can find out if he has been imprisoned for a crime.

    When bad things happen, some men would rather die than tell anyone what is going on with them. Have faith, and you will find him. Use and google for search engines on finding people.

    I know you will have quick results soon. Let us know how things are going, please.

  • For those of you who did not get a reading, most of the information provided was vague and non-specific or not in a question format. Everyone deserves an answer, and at this point, the only answer I can give is this:

    Rely on your gut instincts about relationships, people, and problem areas. Your intuition will never lie to you. Most of us have the ability to realize right from wrong, and how we should go about finding the right path. While it can be a challenge for some who refuse to acknowledge it, you must listen to your gut instincts and go with the flow.

    Thank you all for your interest.

    The offer is now closed.

    Thank you again and all blessings to all.

  • Thank you Firefly,

    I am sure I can impress with my knowledge of the business. I will accept your advice and hope this will be the thing I have waited for. I have always known the right thing would come along. Do you know how long it will take to find out the results?

    Thank you for the insight.


  • Hi Firefly. I understand you just commented on my comment to Manifestdreams.

    Listen, it is not all answers that the inquirer is able to understand. Even if the answer you gave was correct, she is not able to understand it. So what she needs to do, is to practise the surrendering that I explained to her. Then she will also be able to understand the truth about why she is not yet pregnant. She must receive it herself. So it is not important to tell her the truth if she is not able to understand it. Instead she should learn how to receive the truth herself.

    So I understand you did not want to give me a reading because I made that comment. But that is allright. Funny, nobody seems to ever want to give me a reading unless I pay them. Perhaps I should stop asking for it.

    Thanks for the words, anyway. I am not in position to ask for advice really. I know the truth myself. I just need to continue to trust myself and the inspiration that I have gotten. I have allready been healed a lot since I started doing this self-healing excercise.

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  • Thank you very much for reading for me Firefly!I wish you love ,luck and happiness in your life...

  • Dear Hanged Woman,

    You are correct in your analysis of a certain one's reaction. Some people find it difficult to accept the fact that life is not a bowl of cherries that have been de-pitted. Roses do not grow without thorns, and with every action, there is a reaction.

    The lesson I learned was to be brief and offer encouragement rather than bleakly stating the path of events. Newcomers to Tarot are not ready for in-depth readings. They do not comprehend the nuances of Tarot and how the cards show tendencies, not engravings set into stone. When cards repeat themselves in a reading, it gives more definition as do the repetition of numbers occurring during a reading. Had each person been more educated in the Tarot and numerology, an in-depth reading would have proved useful.

    I did not bypass your question on purpose. There were multiple questions about the same topics that were overly repetitive and eagerly stated without much thought put into what each one wanted to know. As I rely heavily upon sensing details, my antennae gave out. My batteries ran down. I should have realized there would be more newcomers than old-timers on site. This has been a learning experience, one I hope not to repeat.

    If you search through these many pages, you will find a post directed to you. Your name has been crossed off of my list. If I am correct, there is a new relationship in the works for you? As I mentioned to everyone, enjoy life and treasure each day, each person for the joy they bring to your life, and try to NOT develop expectations. Rather, try to focus on giving instead of receiving. In the giving, there is a blessing.

  • Hi Firefly. Yes, there are a couple whom I feel will be part of my life where I live. No a romantic one (I am happily married) but friendship that is having a healing affect on my life. Well, you actually did receive the answer then. I agree that there are many people whom are not so much enlightened whom are on his sight. That means that they need help all the time and is not able to receive the answer because they focus too much on their own thinking. And I will move out from this forum in not so far future. I have just been here for about six weeks and I allready feel that it is on a too low level. I mostly feel sad when I see that people do not believe that God can help. People whom are so on the wrong path that they have seen what they think is a proof that God is not available for us. But we must let God help. That is why we must receive. We must receive from God. Thankyou for your time. I guess you will leave this forum too in a not so far future. Since people really are just asking for advice the whole time and do not know how to help themselves. Because they dont know how to rest their thinking and just receive the holy wisdom directly from God.

  • Dear Hanged Woman,

    I totally agree with you. There are other websites in which you will find a channel to offer help and aid to those who truly need and want it.

    This particular website focuses on the Spiritual aspects unrelated to formal religion, as there are many who question the relevance of religion to what is popularly called the "occult." There are many ways to find our path and few truly find it. As long as we are providing whatever aid we are able to offer, we can lay our heads down at night with a clean conscience, knowing we are doing our best.

    Everyone on this site has something valuable to offer.

  • Dear Firefly01 thank you for the reading it has been insightful. I would have never thought he felt that way about himself,knowing his background and how his ex wife treated him and the negative things he said about himself, I can see how he could feel that way. I was shocked that he want to end our relationship especially after he said he had never been so happy in a long time, and that he love me, we were planning to be married. I thought It was something I did and even so, I don;t deserve this. We are in a long distance relationship which make things a little more harder for the both of us. I have been doing a lot of thinking and I love him to much to give up on us so soon. He is everything I want in a man. he is smart and intelligent, sweet and kind, loving and lovable, he is practical and responsible. he like to be active, and he is also selfish with his time and attention. He enhances my life. I didn't mean to go on like this, if you have anymore insight for us it will be much appreciated. his 7-26-46 me 12-3-49.

  • Good Morning Firefly01,

    Thank you greatly for your insight regarding my sons father. I will take your advice and begin to have given me hope. I will let you know when I come up with something!

    Many blessings to you šŸ™‚


  • Hello Firefly01,

    This is wonderful of you to offer these readings, my question is:

    does the cards see me and my soulmate Niels living and working together. our dream is to be healers and having our own healing center,please let me know if you need anymore information...

    much love and gratitude to you Firefly01



  • Firefly:

    Thank you so very much for giving your time & energies to so many people seeking guidance.

    The reading you gave me sounded like it pertains to my business. It could have some relation also to aspects in my love life as well since I am kind of starting over with someone.

    Thank you again.

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