Offering a full 10 card Celtic spread for those. . .

  • Manifestdreams: Continue to trust your own judgement. I, too, thought that was incredible harsh. I think it came from somewhere else, not from the truth. Just continue to pray to God for help and guidance. Remember Sara and Abraham. who became parents for us all even though they were over 90 years old when she got pregnant. Although I hope it does not take that long for you and your husband, lol. But what about the law of attraction? It explains the recipy in getting everything to God: Say to God: Let me surrender my woumb to you. Let me surrender my body to you. Let me surrender my husbands body to you. Let us surrender our souls and bodies and feelings to you. You are our Lord. Everything that comes out from us, belongs to you, and I beg you that everything that comes into us, is blessed by You. Let me surrender my future to you, and let me surrender my husbands future to you. Let anything that might be preventing us from having a child, be cleansed and healed out. Take away any obstacle that might be that prevents us from getting our prayer answered. I bless my house, it is going to be filled with happy children. I bless my parents, they are going to have grandchildren because of your blessing through me and my husband.

    Manifestdreams: Pray and surrender, and preferably together with your husband. God is allmighty and wishes for us that we ask "Him" for guidance and help. So you do that together with your husband. Pray together and ask God together. I promice you that it works.

  • dss

  • Thank you THW,

    What you wrote was very beautiful. Just reading your words makes me feel lighter. I am going to do exactly as you suggested.

  • Firefly01

    In my current relationship, will it be a lasting one. My DOB 10/21/63 His DOB 3/11/60. If you need more information let me know. Thanks in advance...


  • trying to buy a house at 4830 washington have had several blocks and now no word at all i thought this house was mine and it wanted me to buy it

  • Dea Firefly01,

    I wanted to add that I not only I liked your reading a lot but I totally related to it and that all you said is relevant and true. I will let you know if in the future if I will get what you foresaw.

    Thank you again!!

  • im a 46 year pld that lost most of her theeth at 42 i havent had any dates since this happened to me .will i ever find someone to have a seriouse relasonship with?thank you

  • I have been living with my boyfriend, Aires(4-10-62) for 6 years. I want to know when we will be getting married. My birthday is Leo (8-8-1955)

  • Dear Firefly,

    I wrote to you on October 14, asking for a reading in regards to whether my new business will be successful? Just started and was wanting to know if I need to do something different?

    DOB 2/5/62 Will he stay around dob 3/23/53

  • Hi Firefly01,

    If you have the energy for 1 more reading I would really appreciate it. I have a job interview Monday 10/19 for a position as a property appraiser with the County. . I have 10 years in Real Estate field but somehow qualified for this interview. Having been under/ un employed for 3 years now and I wondered how I can improve my chances for this position and if I am chosen will it be something I will enjoy? (I think I will)


  • Hi Firefly01,

    My question is where is my (I'm 04/01/83) relationship with A. (09/18/84) going over the next two months ?

  • Thank you, Firefly!

    Wife and I must make an offer on a house within days. Question: hopefully specific enough- will we be able to obtain one of our 2 favorites at a price we can truly afford?

    Both are somewhat flexible in asking price, but sellers would each have to agree to 20-30ish% off asking price. Not at all unusual in our area for such to happen;

    1st choice ('the pink house')would need to agree to $30k reduction but has only been on market 3 wks. There was a previous (amount unknowable) offer made 1st week and rejected; it is an estate sale handled by original owner's adult kids.

    2nd choice ('the blue house') would need to come down $20k at least. But, on mkt about 7 months with NO offers made. We feel we'd be quite happy in either, but would indeed prefer #1 for charm, structural and cosmetic reasons.- if target price reachable.

    I won't complicate further by asking about inspection result/appraisals etc-- I think I may've already given too much info!

    If helpful, me=40yo male disabled with Parkinson's but guaranteed income, bday 5 aug 69. Wife indispensable to her thriving business, loves the job, age 41 bday 21 may 68.

    thank you for a fresh perspective on the scenario & blessings to you and yours-


  • Hi Firefly01!

    Thanks so much for doing this. It's very nice of you to offer. If you're still working on these, I'm curious to find out whether my relationship with my husband will ever grow to more than it is now. Let me know if I didn't phrase that very well. I'm fairly new to Tarot readings.

    Light and love,


  • hello firefly01,

    if you're still available, I would like to know: will I (Capricorn with Sag rising) divorce my husband (Sagittarius with Cap rising) peacefully and profitably (after 16 years) by thanksgiving of this year?

  • This post is deleted!

  • Hi Firefly,

    I just wanted to say dont do a reading for me you have so many requests that I don't need one, I would have liked one but there are so many that its not necessary 🙂

    Thank you

  • Hello Beautiful Firefly!

    Thank you so much for your offer of a free reading! How generous of you for those of us who are having a hard time right now!! My question is: Will we see a great deal of change in our finances within the next several weeks? I am disabled with no income right now, dob 10/07/1957, hubby dob 06/06/1962...don't be afraid, he is a wonderful man!! Ha!Ha! Thank you so very, very much!

  • Hello Firefly!! Please help me i need it desperatly and am very confused!! The father of my child and I have recently broken up 3 months ago and i want us to work things out and get back together eventually so i am always trying to be positive and have hope but sometimes i also get discouraged and dont know if i should move on. But everytime i try to move on and let go something always pulls me back. I am having so much trouble moving on! i have never had this problem with any other breakups i have been through. 2 different tarot readers told me that we are soul mates and that this is why i cant let go. but i dont know what to beleive. sometimes i feel we are but then i also try to think logical and in reality he is currently dating someone else for the last couple of months since we broke up and he says he loves her already!! I am so confuse and lost and i do feel incomplete without him> Help ewhat do i do?

    My question would be should i continue to try to work things out with eric?

    I look foward to hearing from you soon. Thank you!!!

  • HI Firefly,

    Recently I met someone who has turned my life upside down.. I cannot pin point how he feels about me. I feel like he is afraid of me or something. He's very stubborn and hard to talk to.. I know how I feel and its been tearing me apart. I feel there is so much more to us for some reason and I can't let it go. I just want to move on and be happy again, but something will not let me. I need answers.

    His Bday is 6/27/83 and mine is 11/30/83.

    Can you tell me what forces are causing him to be the way he is, how he feels about me and if anything will progress between us within the next 2 months?

    Thank you,


  • hi Firefly i can see you are swamped with questions but i would be very grateful if you could answer this one for me: will things work out with j and me? this is so generous of you to offer these readings. thank you

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