Offering a full 10 card Celtic spread for those. . .

  • Dear Firefly01

    Thank you so much for this generous offer. It is very much appreciated.

    I have been unemployed for about 10 months now and my question is.

    Will my current situation regarding unemployment change soon and will it be

    in the same field. Thank you again

  • Hi,

    I would like a reading as well but there are so many waiting here for you I dont want you to feel overwhelmed. My question is my ex contacted me on facebook last night. Will anything new develop before the end of the year between he and I. I dont think about him much anymore but for whatever reason I still feel this pull towards him.

  • Hi Firefly01

    I would like for you to do a reading for me please? My dob is aug 9, my question is " is my husband still cheating on me? and is kenny for me?

    thank you very much

  • Thanks for the generous offer. If you still are not too overwhelmed here is another one for you.

    I have recently started dating a guy named Mike, after being single and somewhat of a hermit for about 4 years now. Wondering what you can tell me about him and where our relationship is heading.

    My birthdate is 5-20-65. His birthdate is 4-8-59.

  • Hi Firefly,

    Thank you for the reading. It doesn't really fit my situation at all, but thank you anyway. It's nice of you to put this time in.

  • I am new on the site, looking forward to getting a 10 card reading in regards to the following question: I have just started my own business and would like to know if I will be successful in it. I have used the rider waite deck and unsure if I am doing this correctly, so I turned to you for assistance.

    Thank you in advance for your time.

  • Hello Firefly!

    My question is concerning weather or not my ex will be returning, wanting to form a deeper, better relationship, or if this guy I've been seeing will want to deepen our relationship soon? It's been a rough year, the "ex" has been a back and forth thing, although I still love him, I'm not sure if he'll ever return. On the other hand I really like this other man, but not sure if he's into me or not. I'm not sure if I should give up on both or just wait it out................

    Thank you so much for your help!!

    The ex is a Pisces the other man is a Sagitarius.

  • Where do you go to find the answers to questions asked here? How long does it usually take to get an answer to questions asked? Once again I am new here.

  • How will this relationship work out for us in near future, He say he love me with all his heart, but feel he is unable to satisfied me. I love him and hoping we can get past this what I feel is a misunderstanding. Your reading is greatly appreciated

  • Will I ever have contact with David who lives in Scotland is there ever going to be a reconcilliation? Is there a reason why I cant forget him or get past thinking about him? I was born 9/22/1960 and he was born 5/3/1958

  • Thank you for your offer I'm in need of some clarity with my relationship of 2+ yrs. His bday is 6/18/59 and mine is 8/5/58. I'm having issues with his constant lies he claims he never does & I'm hearing it wrong. then he gets all defensive. most the time I'm not trying to catch him in a lie its just that i have a better memory. I like my world more peaceful, Is it me? I want a loving life with someone. will we make it through this?


  • Dear Manifestdreams,

    The spread I did has nothing to do with the present. These events are in the future and the answers provided concern the outcome. There are things going on under the surface that you know nothing about.

  • Thank you for the offer I need some clarity on a situation. I have a friend who I 've known from High School. We dated all through high school and college. We were to marry and do to concerns on my part we did not marry. He has since been married several times. He still wants to be friends and has contact me. He states that he loves me and wants to be with me. He is always the one to contact me. I don't always believe what he tells me and want to know does he really love me and does he want to be with me? Does he know what he wants and what will make him happy. He states he wants to be married to me and I am scared as I have not been around him for years. He states he is going through a divorce. Please let me know what I need to know about this situation. I do believe that we both love each other and have unfinished business that needs to be taken care of but not sure how. Thank you in advance for providing some clarity to this situation.

    Love and Light

  • Hi Firefly,

    Thanks for offering your time & energy to us. DOB 3/4/59 Over all I'm very happy with my life. My question : What's next, where is life leading me?

    wishing you love, laughter & inner peace,


  • Hello there FIrefly

    This is so awesome of you. My question is: How will my current relationship with Damien/ and myself Illona work out in the next three months. His dob is Oct 4, 1974 and Illona's dob is July 12 1961.

    Thank You


  • can you tell me were the relationship with randall and i is headed?

  • Hi Firefly I am currently in a turmultous relationship and am wanting out but I have this uncanny feeling that this guy is "the one" - can you tell me if this relationship is going to work out and when I can expect a committment?

    Thanks in advance for your kind help 🙂

  • Hi Firefly,

    I need to know if I am ever going to meet my soul mate and get married. When will this happen? My D.O.B. 8/17/70. I don't mean to sound desperate cause I'm not but I do not want to spend the rest of my life alone but I seem to keep wasting time with the wrong choices of men I am choosing. Your great insite will be greatly appreciated. Thank you !!

  • Will my new relationship with Patrick blossom into a more serious and perminent thing or am i just wasting my time and efforts. Right now he is over sea's in the army. we keep in contact via the pc.

  • Hi Firefly,

    I said it didn't fit the situation because you started out by saying that I wanted a baby to hold on to the man I love. I'm in a very stable marriage and have never had to do anything to hold on to my husband. We've both been trying very hard to get me pregnant. Also that someone in the near past has given me good advice and I chose not to take it doesn't fit. I can't comment on the future other than it would be highly unlikely that he would do a complete 180 and turn into a cheat. And the odds of me fighting for him if he did, nil.

    Thanks again

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