Offering a full 10 card Celtic spread for those. . .

  • Dear Firefly

    Wow, what a reading. How intuitive are you! Amazing! thank you so much for your good advice also. You understand about the upheaval with moving. We are British and have lived in Cyprus twice, Naples and now Holland. We are focusing now on getting out and about, discovering new places. It's been tough! I can understand that France was hard for you and took it's toll. There comes a point! Too many moves I think. We are looking to enjoy now. Move forward.

    I loved your reading and so indepth too, and you've taken the time and trouble to write lots. I do feel betrayed and I do doubt my ability to cope! The worthy man of strong influence is my husband who I can rely on. It is reassuring to know about my strength of character, which as usual I doubt!

    I can't thank you enough for your help and reassurance, it really has been greatly appreciated and thank you for keeping me in your prayers and wishing me blessings. You're a good, kind soul. I wish you many blessing too and take care x

  • what or who can help my son find his path in life--he is 20 and undecided

  • This post is deleted!

  • Hi Firefly,

    Please help me with a 10-card tarot reading. I want to know what life will be like from now and for the rest of my life with this person. HIs birthday is march 10. 1977, and my bday is march 29, 1972. I need to know if I should walk away or try to make this work because many say he is the one?


  • Hi Firefly,

    I would like a 10 card tarot reading. How will my relationship with AC work within the next four weeks?

  • Hi Firefly. I would like to have a reading. Thanks for your offer.

    My question is: How does my social life develop in the coming 12 months?

    I am a 31 year old woman, married and we have one child together. We live in Norway.

    I am very passionate about how to motivate people, and even lead people to improve their own lives (lead with their concent). I am very passionate about positive thinking and about improving how this world looks like, but mostly the motivation and positive thinking I love intensely. I am dreaming about having a spiritual family, people around me who are with me on this. It has to do with my own self healing, and not only about having someone on my side. And yes, this passion of mine has to do with my own self healing, more than about anything else.

  • Blessings Firefly,

    I like your name. Is that similar to dragonfly?

    My question is in regards to a new business venture. My best friend (pisces) and I (leo) are about to launch a business that has been in the making for 8 yrs now. WE have been dreaming abou this for so long and now it is here. But it seems that we are both reluctant to get excited yet for fear of disappointment. We are both single mothers. We both want the best life we can live for ourselves, our finances, and our families. What do you see as far as the success of this business. We are opening a spiritual and personal development center in Ohio that has a small retail side that will carry essential oils, herbs, culinary spices, etc. We know our purpose is to teach people how to live a substainable and peaceful life.

    I appreciate your insight, as you know that it is sometimes a challenge to 'see' things for the self.

    Many blessings of abundance, love, and joy for you.



  • Hi Firefly

    If you have the time i could really use a reading.I work in retail and they are closing our store in January.They have not assured us jobs so we have no idea if we will be working or not.I would like to know if i will be working for the same company if not will i be ok finacailly?Thanks for your help i greatly appreciate it.

  • Hello firefly, Thank you for the generous offer of a reading. I am female, pisces, ox. I see that there have been quite a few requests so I would like to request a reading if you are still up for it. Wow, where do you start? I would like to have insight on everything since my life seems so upside down and has been for a while. Since I am alone after being with my husband my whole adult life I guess love would be the reading I need. I did have one man J in my life after my marriage ended and he did a push/pull relationship and then took up with another lady that he told me he had no interest in, he and I are currently out of touch. Guess I would like any insight as to what happened with him and will he come back or will he stay with her, will someone come into my life? Would also like to know if I should relocate or stay where I am or anything that you can tell me I am having a hard time adjusting to this new life and what should I do. Trying to find my new path. Thank you again for your kind offering.

  • Blessings Firefly.....Thanks for doing this ...I trust that so many questions are not too overwhelming for you.....Right now I am doing a temporary work assignment ( same employer just assigned to another area within the co.) question...when this assignment ends in Jan'10 do you see me getting another temp. assign. in another division? Love & light Firefly...thank you.

  • Dear Firefly0,

    Thank You so much again!!

    You made my day!! God Bless You!

  • Namaste, I am moving to California in Jan. Can you give me insight as to how this move will effect me ie... is it a positve or negative move.

  • Hi - Specifically - My home is in need of dior repair - Am I supposed to Let go. Also the direction of my art career currently at a standstill

  • Hi Firefly, my husband job has slowed to a standstill will we be o.k.? Thanks for your help again!

  • Namaste Firefly. Thank you for the generous offer.

    My question is, What lies ahead?

    I'm grateful for your time and insight.

    In love and light,


  • Hi gave me great insight on my post earlier (me & the Scorpio guy) wow!... I will keep that thread separate....But I would love to take you up on the tarot card reading...In reference to that same situation. I guess my question would be " How will things play out in my love life (specifically with him) in the next couple of months?"... Also, I wonder if him & I have some kind of undeniable connection...because it feels that way.

    Thank you much!

  • Thank you very much for offering this reading!I am doing research and am stuck in a rut in my studies.Do you see any improvements in the near future?Thanks again!

  • Hi Firefly,

    My question is about my love life. I'm a Virgo born 9/2..early thirties and I would like to have a supportive, mutual relationship with a great available man. So the problem has been me finding him (or vice versa). The one person I am extremely interested in is a police officer that I see every morning on my way to work. I get extremely nervous when I see him. Again, I don't know him, but something about him tells me he's a good man(and it could be that he's easy on the eyes). I haven't even gotten close enough to see if he's married. So, can you tell me if this can eventually lead to anything or am I better off trying to search for love elsewhere. Thanks in advance.

  • Hello, thank-you for your generosity and time. I had an experience about 5 years ago with a digital alarm clock. I was woken (by a dream) and noticed the numbers on the clock read precisely 4:44 am. The next night i was sleeping and again woke to look at the alarm clock which read precisely 4:44 was kinda wierd to see this again. The very next night, again i was sleeping and this time i felt a strong nudge on my shoulder which woke me. I looked at the alarm clock and it read yup ya got it!!.. 4:44am..can you tell me what you believe this could of meant?? Since this time i see these numbers everywhere along with 11:11 VERY frequently.. thank-you for your time....

  • Broke up with this man a Leo 8/22/72 9 months ago. Caught him cheating. He says he's changed, but hasn't said he wants to get back together, just keep in touch with me for some reason. I'm a gemini 6/12/57. Do you think there is a chance for us to start over?

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