Offering a full 10 card Celtic spread for those. . .

  • hi firefly im new to this forum but am interested in your offer of a reading.there is a lot of tension at the moment with my family and i feel stuck in the middle .it has to do with something happening in 2 weeks and i am worried it will ruin this get together we are having .any insight would be grateful thanks.

  • hi ...well this is my first time on a blog. kind of weird and unusual as im not that computer literate. i read the blogs concerning cancer and can totally relate to the emotional ups and downs and not to mention the weird things that have been happening. it definitely has been an unusual 10 months !! i would like a reading if that is feasible. my birthdate is 7-5-64 and my parttime guy is 1-21-68.weve been seeing each other for over 9 years. i would like to know what i can expect to happen in the near future as well as any solutions to make this a more permanent relationship. we both have issues and he is not as open to discussing them as i am . i love him even though i probably shouldnt due to the extenuating circumstances. i guess you could use the plain white t's song when everything is wrong you move along...i dont want to move along becausei feel that he is the one even though things are not at the most favourable at this time and it will take awhile to get there.

  • Dear Firefly,

    Thank you for reply. I think I felt the truth already in my heart. Your right! Deep down I know your right about him.



  • Hello Firefly, would you do a reading for me plaese. I am still missing my ex like crazy. Dreaming about him ect. He started calling me a few weeks ago then ran away again. I just dont understand what is going on. I would like to know if there is a future for us. I know hes working through some personal issues and I am trying to be patient. I am wondering when is it going to be the right time for us? He has a child and I have kids too. WE used to be like family. I feel like a peice of my heart is missing. Am I just in denial or is he going to come back? Any insight into this situation would be greatly apprecited. Lately I just dont contact him at all unless he contacts me first then when he pulls away I leave him alone. My bday is 04/18/80. his is 7/17/79. PLease help me. xoxoxox

  • Sorry I was reading some of the other posts and thought I should clarify my question. I want to know if he is coming back to me and if it will be in the next 6 months. should I even take him back? In othe rwords are the feelings reciprocated or is it me not wanting to believe otherwise? Hope that helps. I can see that you are getting drained doing readings on peoples ex boyfriends so take your time if you decied to take my request, thanks.

  • I would love to know whats going on between my ex Laquan and I. Where is our relationship headin in te next month, and how does he feel about me?

  • Firefly,

    Thank you so cvery much for your time, energy, and abundant gift. Thank you for the confirmation and uplifting message. I will keep you posted as to our progress over the next 2 months.

    God bless and many prayers for you and yours.



  • Hello Firefly1:Hope you are doing well today! Me,Im going thru all kinds of things in my life for 5yrs now.I have been a CAREGIVER TO MY WHOLE FAMILY.My dad is deceased now and I miss him(good man).My mother and brother are both bi-polar and brother was also diagnosed being schizphrenic and to say the least I have had my hands full.Well,that brings to my home life.i have a 17yr old daughter that I love so very much and she so disrespectful,inconsiderate,cold unlike myself.Then,there's my boyfriend of 8 yrs that has cussed me out but yet go buy groceries and gives me money to wash his jeans.But i have been so very busy that he hardly comes over.When he does come over I've noticed that He makes me nervous and I feel like I got to hurry all the time around him and I didn't realize that he made me that til he quit coming around.A friend of my was recently taken off life support and It was horrible so I went to the wake and today going to the funeral.What BOTHERS ME THE MOST NEITHER MY DAUGHTER OR MY BOYFRIEND DID NOT volunteer to go with me or give any support, but actually that is nothing new!!ok,sorry guess i had to vent! NO ONE to talk.My Birthday is JAN 14,1957.Daughter's Bday Apr 5,1992 Boyfriend's Bday Feb 3,1958.What I would like to know does my daughter feel that cold to me?? Does she not care about me her mama? i am her only support. i s my boyfriend gonna marry me? Is HE THE ONE??? IF NOT WHEN WILL I MET THE MAN THAT WILL LOVE ME LIKE I NEED TO BE LOVED???? THANKS IN ADVANCE!!! PLEASE REPLY Taffy14

  • I am relatively new to the tarot world. I met someone way back in april, let's call him K. and received very confusing signals.on behalf of a friend's insistence who has been seeing a psychic tarot reader for over 15 years and swears by her. So far she has done three readings for me and while some things have come true, and without my telling her she has been able to tell me about certain things in my past, my family, certain relationships etc.,, her comments regarding K. keep changing, and I have no idea what is going on. All my life I have been able to perceive people's emotins from afar, although I cannot see the future. And it is very uncanny how I have been having unusual thought patterns and feelings when i think of K, only to find out later, that those thoughts mirrored what was going on in his life without my knowing. My main question is, despite the current obstacles, was this person brought into my life and perception for a reason and is there a future for us, despite our current situation. My DOB : 09/15/1971 ; K: 08/22/1972.Can someone help me with a tarot reading or intuition.



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  • This post is deleted!

  • hi firefly,

    i know your offer is closed but i need to know if he wants to be with me and will it happen? or should i move on? please answer this

  • If you are still offering I would like to know if my current relationship situation is worth working for or should I just end it now?

  • Fire fly said this offer was CLOSED. Fire fly I'm truly sorry that you had to close your offer, I wish you peace, health and love. Is there any way you could delete this topic so that we as a community keep posting on this.Thank you.


  • Opps, sorry I meant not posting:)

  • thank you firefly, I understand and I still love but I will move on. I feel lost and after a long marriage and now divorce still attached to my family and ex husband. I feel such oppression at times and feel that I am going back with my tail between my legs so to speak. I know that in my choices I was looking for a love and nuturing and life so different from what I have and being emotionally drained I sought a life that would be less draining and more loving. I know I have love in my children that are grown and growing but I long for a love that either I am too blind to see? Or is there this other half a man that is that love out there for me or do I go back to my ex husband and live with times I feel like the life I have is meant to live for them and that asking for what I long for is just a dream. can you help me with some insight as to where my heart should go as I truly do not know.

  • Hi, and thank you for your generosity! I am trying to join the Army Reserve, and I have my heart set on the Psychologic Operations job. I have a goal for my life which involves the CIA within twenty years. What I want to know is, is this is the right path for me or am I wasting my time? Should I persue another vocation? I hope this was specific enough.

  • I apologize, I wasn't aware.

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