Offering a full 10 card Celtic spread for those. . .

  • . . . wishing to have question answered in detail. When I first posted the question of offering a one card Tarot reading, the amount of vague, non-specific questions became overwhelming; so that it became impossible to distinguish who needed help most by the type of questions that were posted.

    PLEASE, be specific!!! I need to have a few more details than general questions about a possible love life that cannot be answered in a Tarot spread. You need to be detailed in your questions, if only to allow the energies to transmit properly.

    An EXAMPLE of the type of question you should ask would be: How will my current relationship with Daniel/Donald/Jimmy work out over the next three weeks?

    SPECIFIC Questions are apt to be more precise in the answers that Tarot is capable of transmitting. Tarot is not a radio tower. It cannot read minds. How, when, why, which and time questions are best answered when you provide specifics as stated above. If you need help, please ask.

    Thank you, and I look forward to answering your questions. Blessings to All!

  • My Question, " what does the future hold for me, especialy regarding, Finances , Job & will I find someone special to love " I like to know the good as well as the bad.

    Blessings To You Firefly01.

  • It's very generous of you to offer a 10 card spread and I'd be grateful if you'd do one for me please! My question is about our move to Holland (we're here now!) can you see it improving for us, friendships etc. We've had too many conflicts out here, just about everything has gone wrong! and are hoping we can settle but still feel out of sorts after 6 months. Thanking you for your help. Much appreciated!

  • When will I become pregnant?

  • Dear Tartan,

    Once again, please resubmit your question, one at a time. Jobs and romance in the same spread is awfully difficult to separate. Please state a time frame.

    Thank you

  • Dear Intrigued,

    How old are you? Are you a teenager, by chance? Are your parents with you or is this your family that is in question?

  • Dear Firefly01,

    thank you so much for this generous offer. It is very much appreciated.

    I would like to know over my relationship with T which has gone bad to the point that I don't believe it to get back to where it was. there are two question I would like to know,

    you pick one you find it best:

    what does he feel about us, does he want me back or no??


    how do you see it is going to be in the near future? is it gone change for better or is finished!

    God Bless You and your Loved once!

  • Dear manifestdreams,

    AS for becoming pregnant, this is the reading I came up with:

    This spread tells me that you believe getting pregnant is the answer to keeping the guy you love (2 cups crossing), but as the Devil covers you, this is clearly a relationship that is not meant to be as its basis is pure lust. The foundation of the matter is found in Strength, a firm belief you hold dear to your heart that your relationship has strong foundations. However, the Hermit, reversed, in the recent past shows you are not listening to good advice. Someone has already given you good advice, and you have chosen not to take it.

    In the 5th position, above you, lies the Queen of Wands, reversed, as well as the Lovers, reversed, in the near future (6th position) shows there is infidelity involved. The Queen of Cups lies in the 7th position, and this position is shows that you and another woman are vying for the same man. Two Queens show there will be expressions of jealousy and quarreling.

    In your immediate environment of the 8th position shows your friends and family see that you are being misled. There are facts that you are not aware surrounding this man and your situation with him.

    In the 9th position lies the Star, reversed, which cements the fact that your wish will not be fulfilled before the end of the year. This card in this position shows there will be problems within a marriage and a future break-up is most likely to occur before the outcome is revealed.

    In the 10th position lies the King of Swords, which represents legal authority and the power to command life or death. With the King of Swords as the last card, the answer lies in this man and his actions, which will give you the clearest answer. This card can represent a different person than the one you with whom you are currently involved.

    As there are 5 Major Arcana in this spread, the outcome is out of your hands. The number 5 indicates sexual misbehavior and change of circumstances within a relationship.

    In this reading, I strongly caution you to be aware that these cards do not indicate a future set in stone. The cards show the likely path that will occur if there is no intervention. In addition, there are 3 sixes in this spread, which indicates problems CAN be resolved and reach a final act of completion.

  • Dear Firefly

    I am 41 living with my husband and two children 11 and 8. Have I been specific enough? Thank you.

  • Dear Firefly01,

    First, thank you so much for the offer, it's greatly appreciated.

    Now, my question, and please feel free to let me know if you need more information, or if it's not worded right. My boyfriend, Ryan, and who I truly felt was my soul mate, broke up with me in June, and I still love him dearly, but he's currently taken to blaming me for, well, everything wrong in his life. I was just wondering if anybody see's us working through our own issues and then getting back together, or if it's best for us both if I stop dwelling and move on? My birthday is 03/12/91 if that helps any, and his is 9/28/89.

  • Hi, I live in the UK, my internet friend lives in LA. We are having quite an intense internet relationship - with comments on perhaps being able to meet up next year (mainly from him - I just think how ??? but would dearly love to).

    I did an astrology and (moon) comparision chart - there is so much compatibility it surprised even me. But.... yes there are other people in the relationship (there always is !!!). I am Leo 53 with Scorpio rising and Scorpio moon - he is 50 Virgo with Scorpio rising and Cancer moon.

    Will my friend and I actually get to meet next year ??

    Lots of love, Carole

  • Dear Arsia,

    Your question about your future relationship with T and how the near future will progress I can answer with a Tarot spread. However, delving into T's emotions is not something Tarot can do as T is not here to ask the question, and it would be a violation of his privacy to try to interpret his emotional nature. His behavior and how is likely to respond would be more accurate a question.

    The cards in this reading fell in a way that shows you have supportive friends (3 Queens) with whom you can place your trust to get through a difficult situation. The Tower is in the 8th position, which is one of total shock and/or total surprise. Tower can be either one--a card of lightning striking that turns your life upside down with surprise in a negative or a positive manner. The cards surrounding it show that, in this case, the surprise will be a pleasant one.

    The card that covers you is the 9 of pentacles, reversed, which shows you are unhappy being alone on a day to day basis. The 2 of pentacles is your crossing card and shows balancing your life will be an easy task for you. The 6 of pentacles in the upright position as the foundation of the matter indicates there has been mutual give and take in this relationship, and that it is based upon generous giving that is appreciated. The Queen of Wands in the recent past, the Queen of Wands is above you in the 5th position show you have had a great deal of help from friends or family who support you.

    Thoughts of divorce have crossed your mind but you have discarded them, preferring instead to acts of being a private detective and filled with suspicion. However, in the 7th position lies the Lovers, which shows the two of you have a deep connection together. After the Tower event passes, you will make a decision to work on your relationship. New employment may come to you, also. In the doing will come great contentment as your questions will finally be put to rest.

    As much as this particular reading deals with daily events with only one Major Arcana, it indicates an ending as events will arrive within 3 months that will affect how you handle the issue. The 3 of pentacles follows the Tower in the 9th position, which indicates working on a project, relationship or a new job coming to you, and it will be a total surprise when it happens. My feeling is that around Christmas, you will be pleasantly surprised.

    You have a balanced nature and usually take things in stride. The 10th card shows the 4 of wands, reversed, which means you will continue to find joy and contentment in your life. Either way, the future looks promising.

    Good luck and may blessings always follow you. Congratulations. I do not often see readings quite this positive.

  • Queen of Cups in recent past & Queen of Wands above you. Sorry. Needed to clarify that for you, Arsia.

  • Dear Firefly01 - appologies - my introduction seemed a little rude. If you can help with any advice, it would be greatly appreicated. I have been learning the Tarot only a few years - but I know I am too emotional with this to even try and do my own reading.


  • Dear Firefly

    I hope I've given you enough information. If you need anything else let me know. Many thanks! Take care

  • Dear intrigued,

    Thank you for your patience. First of all, culture shock is usually the first culprit to spread its ugly face to newcomers in Europe. The problems will be resolved with patience. Rather than focusing on problems, why not take advantage of the newness of the experience and go sight seeing?

    I grew up in the Army, as my father was transferred all over Europe when I was a teenager, so I understand your frustration. Other Americans in Holland can help you with issues you had not considered, and the American Embassy will help you find others with whom you can relate.

    Our first year in France was a learning experience that took a toll on all of us. After that, we learned where to go and who to ask and how to find out information.

    In this reading, the Knight of Cups, reversed, covers you and shows your emotions are in a turmoil over feeling betrayed by the advice given to you. However, the Emperor crosses you and that shows you will find a great contact with a lot of authority to help you overcome.

    In the foundation or the 3rd position is the 8 of cups, which shows you are fed up and disappointed (4 pentacles, reversed, above you). However, Strength is in the 4th position, and it shows you have great strength of character. You are determined and will persevere in spite of past failures. In the 6th position of the near future, the Queen of pentacles, reversed, shows you will have a brief bumpy journey that will irritate you.

    In the process, you will meet someone that takes your heart by surprise. The 6 of cups, reversed, shows someone from your past will show up, and even though you feel this is a worn out friendship, it will blossom into something more. In the 8th position of your environment rests the 2 of cups, a classic card of firm friendship and new romance coming to you. From this person, you will see a little jealousy shown and this may spark an argument, which is shown by the 8 of wands, reversed.

    In the final card is the High Priestess, a wonderful outcome as you find that you will be able to count on your inner strength and intuitive abilities, even though you do not see it now. Things will work out due to your inner guide, the High Priestess, who does not tell of the hidden secrets within but allows you time to gather strength while the High Priestess shows you what must be done.

    This reading shows you are doubting your ability to cope, even though you possess the inner strength within to overcome any obstacle. You will have the help of a worthy man of strong influence to rely upon but in your heart you know that you are fully capable of dealing with anything.

    I will keep you in my prayers and wish you all blessings. I am sure you will find fulfillment after a time of upheaval. You are a strong, intuitive woman who knows her way around. Rely upon yourself and accept the help of those who offer it willingly.


  • Dear indigodance,

    Wow. It is amazing that you should have this same experience as me and with a Scorpio, to boot. I am Scorpio rising with Venus in Taurus.

    I hate to be the one to throw a damper on the fire when it is burning so hotly, but this is amazing. My guy was a Scorpio, Virgo rising with Cancer moon. Speaking from experience, allow the relationship to develop without expectations, naturally. Do not even consider making plans unless he is willing to pay for your travel expenses.

    I know how hard this can be, but for your sanity, do not rush into a long, intense relationship that is only built on email. Let him wait a few days before you reply. Live your life and see what develops. As a Scorpio, you know when the emotional and spiritual chemistry is right for you. However, you cannot know what kind of person he really is. The fact that he lives in California tells me his lifestyle could be much different from yours.

    In this case, it is HIS decision, HIS responsibility and HIS choice that will determine the length of your relationship. Don't be surprised if he ends it suddenly. Some men only like the chase, not the capture. Besides, you have no idea if he is doing the same thing with other women.

    The Tarot is best for periods up to six months.

    In the meantime, do some online research on Virgos and see how the two of you compare and differ in your approach to life issues.

  • Hello Firefly

    My boss is a Gemini and I am a Cancer 071660 We had a disagreement before he left on his vacation and I want to know if he still has confidence in my work or has he given up on me? He was the one person I thought would never turn on me and he did! Thanks

  • Hi Firefly,

    Thank you ....

    Ok. let me try again. I am in search of a reading in regards with the man i have been dating.

    My DOB 1962 May 4th

    His DOB 1961 July 3rd

    Not sure what else to add.

    Thank you in advance for any insight.

  • Hi, you have mirrored many of my thoughts already - no, I would consider going any where unless firm plans where in place on both sides. The Scorpion spiritualy chemistry is definatly there... which is why its proving so intense - but I have brought it round to show more sides to the relationship which he is open to sharing with me.

    From our conversation - yes, he has massive different lifestyle from me - and he has said there are other women. I have been doing internet search on Virgos - and having been married to one - I have a very good understanding of them.

    My main concern as you pointed out - is ending our conversation - my expectations on meeting him are not so high (realist Leo streak). I dont expect anything from him - I am concentrating on trying to build the friendship and not false expections. I feel we (are) could really be good friends - thats what I am afraid of losing..

    Love, Carole

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