Trouble with a Pisces man

  • Hello there,

    I was talking to a Pisces man for a couple of months. When he first texted me I didn’t pay too much mind and was dry. As he would start to text me more consistently I decided to give it a shot and was consistent myself. He had told me that he thought I was too up for him. Mind you he’s older than me, and is a what they call “pretty boy”. Throughout these months we would talk for weeks straight, and then not talk for a couple days, or weeks. Although we would always come back to each other. In these months we opened up to each other but also played a lot of games. He opened up to me about his insecurities and sometimes even troubles in his life. I also made him feel less than insecure about his insecurity. We had SO MUCH things in common and related to a lot. We would send each other music, and at times were goofy. I am also an Aries woman and I played very hard to get with him, but i was also very flirty with him as well. Even though I was a little standoffish, other times I let my emotions out. He did the same but was always confusing, so it would throw me off. I was always very fiery, exciting, when we would see each other I would always do something spontaneous. He had told me I was the first girl he’s ever brought into his house. Anyways so on and so on I ended up letting him take my virginity. I know stupid. Then three days after he tells me in quotation, “ Same ive been chillin, was just hittin u up tho to make sure we end up in good terms”. I was very hurt by this but I didn’t show any emotion and I told him it was all good. I thought about him everyday, and this is very unlikely for me. I even stoped talking to people I used to talk to and not even on purpose. He didn’t talk to me for two months. As I’m starting to forget about him and talk to new people I all of a sudden get a text from him asking how I’ve been. My feelings rush back and heart drops. Like WHAT!? What does this mean? Why go ghost then just reappear like nothing happened? Does this mean he cares for me? Did he miss me? I have no clue what to do or how to feel. I could act as if nothing ever happened, play it cool, or play the same game he did? I truly really like this man he’s just so confusing. I know that it’s partially my fault because in the beginning I didn’t show too much interest. I have a lot of pride and I think that’s my biggest downfall. I just don’t wanna show him he hurt me because it’s not my character. At the same time tho I want to talk again and be around him.

  • Can you give me both your dates of birth and I will assess the future of this relationship?

  • I am also a Pisces man. I understand your story very well

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