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  • @LH866

    Hi LH866 I did a 3 Card spread as past present future.....

    Past Temperance the emperor 4 of wands

    You knew a man with whom you felt at ease in his presence, he gave you an impression of responsibility and stability. The dialogue was nurturing, you both shared activities together and were talking about the future in a constructive way.

    Present. Ace of coins the Empress 10 of swords

    If the man is still present in your life, you are feeling that you cannot build something with him because you lack some finances. You don't want to be dependent on him because of this, so you are thinking not to commit.

    Future. King of Wands the sun the chariot

    Yes, a person can arrive in your life and could be initially a welcoming friend. He could help you to get distance from your past, to meet more positivity in your life. He is warm and likes to be in the center of attention. Could he be someone with a strong ego and extroverted personality, he has a creative purpose in his life, born a natural leader, mostly like to travel and meet new people. I think that in order to meet this person you should be open to socialize more, by attending places where you can meet new people.
    A card popped up while I was shuffling, 8 of coins... You need to stay positive concerning money, it is possible it will increase, at the right moment.

    I hope it is of an help, please let me know, thanks! ๐Ÿ’š

  • @Pisces18

    Hi Pisces 18, I made a celtic cross reading for you...

    1 the heart of the matter. Queen of coins.
    The card could represents your supervisor. She is carefully evaluating the fiscal document in order to see if everything is clear. I don't feel any attempt by her about judging you or being severe but it feels like she has enough competence and could deal with the issue, she knows how to handle the situation and you can expect by her honesty.

    2 what is crossing you. The emperor.
    She checked the document and saw there was some lack, some missing point. The document was written in a chaotic and messy way, lacking organization, not reliable to be eventually presented.

    3 the root of this. The lovers.
    3 parts are involved in the writing of that document. Could it be that you are the person in the center of the card, you wanted everything to be clear but you were facing with indecision and hesitate about the appropriate action to be taken, this indecision you had after speaking with another coworker who wanted to push you to take the easiest way by covering the mistake like nothing happened.
    The card want you to know you need to take responsibility on your part.

    4 the past. 3 of cups. The card could be referred to the kind of relationship that occurred between you and others 2 coworkers represented in the lovers card. They behaved friendly and understood you. But it also said that even if you are having problems with each others because of that, everyone, on his side, acted with what seemed most suitable in the situation.

    5 what you should look at. Strenght.
    It is better not to hide the mistake you done on your part. I know and understand your position as I have been before early in my work, it's better to find courage to avoid this.

    6 the future. 8 of cups.
    I suppose there will be understanding and no judgment about your position. I sense here that you will be helped and supported more than you can think.

    7 how you see yourself in this. The moon.
    The card made me feel you are aware of the fact you avoided that, that you were aware of your mistake but try to hide it.

    8 how they see you. Queen of cups.
    Your team see you as a reliable person, they understand you being sensitive to the topic. They see your emotions easily come to the surface, they notice when you are anxious or worried.

    9 an advice. Page of coins.
    I think it's better you handle the situation making them believe you were naive and that you felt from the sky about it. You should take the playbook and evaluate by yourself, maybe starting from the most recent parts of it.
    The page in this card has another coin near his feet.... I feel now with these two coins that it means you need to be careful not only about the playbook but also about a previous document you put on pause, because it is also involved in the problem.

    10 the outcome. 8 of wands.
    I am sorry to see you need to work harder on it, being more carefuland take responsibility by finishing the undone.

    I hope it is of an help, please let me know, thanks! ๐Ÿ’š

  • @Selenite Thank you for taking the time to do this reading. Unfortunately it didnโ€™t really resonate with me I donโ€™t have a man in my life at present. The past may have been an ex but that was about 7 years ago, I donโ€™t have any issues with financial dependency as money isnโ€™t a problem for me.

  • @LH866

    I am sorry it didn't resonate. I didn't ask you details about your situation as I saw you didn't put clues on the past and present of it, but I think it would be different and you would get a clear message instead.

  • @Selenite my mistake then.

  • @Selenite Hello! Please Can you give me a reading??

    I am having relationship trouble with my husband. Can I get a reading pls?? what is going to happen??What will the future bring for us?? I am in alot of stress. I am a cancer with Aries moon and he is a Taurus with Aqua moon.
    Thanks in advance.

  • Hello Selenite may I please have a reading? My question is:
    How does my ex Jordan feel about me?
    Will, me and my ex Jordan will reconcile?
    We dated from 09-10 and almost got back together in '13 but ended up having a bad fallout which resulted in us not communicating with one another. Last month I sent him a very long overdue apology message that hopefully we can both heal and move forward. Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

  • @Mommy-Crab

    Hi Mommy Crab
    Hi LibraJustice

    This afternoon I completed your readings, I only need to put here in the thread because they are written in my notebook so I will let you know details tomorrow. ๐Ÿ’š๐Ÿ’š

  • @Selenite Thanks.๐Ÿ’š

  • @Selenite thank you so much โค

  • @Selenite 2-Yes theres was a lot of things missing, which i'm gratefull that finally someone took the reins and are obligating others to do their work as it should be.
    3-Yes we are a section divided in 3 teams, I process, review and close work for o shops to work on, 2team creates work and plans jobs for the shops to do and the 3rd team uploads all the costs and orders the needed material to accomplish work. I got stuck in the middle because no one listened to me, and they kept pretend that i said nothing, they would tell me "yes I'll do and behind my back: "screw her". So i need the shops and the 3rd team to have their work done so mine can be closed.
    4-There are at least 2 people that have issues with me, one because I "interfered" in her affair with a co-worker which wife is my friend ( i ย warned the husband about the nasty rumors that were spreading ย at work); the other is because she wants my position, but doiesnt even care on knowing on how to do her job well, I end up supervising her job and theres another one that is the ย manager, that occupies a position that knows nothing about and it is almost sunking the ship and im afraid that if this continues we might get fired one day. And now, ย from what im seeing, my direct supervisor is doing my manager work the way she feels better, but she is really rude.
    5- I did not made a mistake or tried to hide it, anyone can see what I do, it's simple; we work in a system that anyone can see what the other is doing, who did it, when, etc My mistake was doing what the manager told me to do and trusting in the wrong people.
    7- you see a hidden agenda, yes you are right, but it is something that it is exclusively ย included in my job description, to be done only by me, I'm the only one paid to do it, no one else is, and I keep it mine, because i dont want anyone to screw it like it happened before, when I thought my co-worker could do it, now my direct supervisor wants me to teach her,but i won't, im not paid to teach anyone and, what i do, is taught in the manuals and theres also training on line, but they dont want to study.
    9-I'm reviewing every thing just in case, theres nothing in there that i didnt do , unless I have received orders not to. I'm not seeing what doc is on hold but, if it is what I'm suspecting it's not in my job description to do it.
    I do hope you are right, but its not what Im seeing or feeling, I feel like Im being hunted or if they want to put me aside.
    After 20 years of service this sucks. Please if you see anything else just let me know.
    Thank you @Selenite

  • @Mommy-Crab

    Hi Mommy Crab, I did a celtic cross reading....

    1 the heart of the matter. The emperor.

    The emperor has an astrological connection to the energy of Aries. A thought popped into my mind as soon as I compared a bit of your mutual birth chart ( I am not an astrologer, recently I started with some basics) and noticed your moon is in Aries.... So the card reinforce my idea that you are very sensitive to power issue and struggle to maintain control in the relationship. A part of you is putting too much fire on it. Your partner understand your emotional vulnerability since his moon is in a water sign also, but react bringing more rationality and seems he tend to block his emotions and maybe you feel him not so warm but instead act in a direct way. You are in trouble because you need to feel his emotions and not this wall he builded. I think he is trying to maintain things in control avoiding to be overwhelmed by feelings. It's typical for a man having not a close contact with his emotional side and this card seems to reflect that attitude.
    From your astrological compatibility it seems in your couple is you the part who plays masculine fiery energy, maybe he fears you are taking his place. He, on the other side, struggle with maintaining his power. Maybe you are too direct towards him, you need to take a step back, show your vulnerability, and react to him in a different way, using your feminine power which is magnified in your sun sign Cancer.
    So, the card here made me think you both struggle to keep power, trying to maintain it in this rigid and fixed posture shown by the emperor sitting on the chair. I feel both of you are aware of your power and sit on it ( I am seeing the eagle under the chair here in the card), no one of you is willing to raise from that chair and take action, instead you are waiting things to happen from afar.

    2 what is crossing you. Page of cups.

    The rigidity expressed there is fuel by the fact you are not open to forgiveness. You take things too seriously and maybe there are certain issues that you approach in a lighter way while dealing with him.

    3 the root. Knight of coins.

    Financial issues are the cause of your desire to control. You both are involved in an ongoing project where you are looking for finances. The problem here is to find space for remembering to place love before that.

    4 the past. The Empress.

    Can I ask you if you have a son? The Empress is looking at the page, 1 2 4 position cards are making a triangle which made me think of a family. If so, in your past you were having issues with him because of parenting your son. Your husband then tried to control the relationship you were having with him. Your son usually spend more time with his father, your husband was the one in the family who tried to make him under control.

    5 what you should look at. 4 of wands.

    You need to take a constructive and defined action

    6 the future. Ace of wands.

    So, the ace is placed behind the emperor, and the Empress by distance is looking at this ace without gazing the emperor. Powerful symbols related to you only.
    There is a new way to find another use of your power, and that will be placed as soon as you recognize within yourself and activate the feminine power expressed by the Empress. If you can take a look at the Empress card you will notice her scepter is placed near the womb representing " gut feelings", and a dimension of femility where you act from being in touch with her intuition.
    I also got a sense here that a certain amount of sexual drive is involved in the problem. Maybe the libido is low and finding a dialogue with him on this side could help. I feel you need to rely on Eros, I don't mean necessary having to do sex, but discover Eros in your relationship in other ways

    7 how you see yourself in this. The Fool.

    You feel mad when you have to deal with him. Sometimes you act without thinking about the consequences of your impulsiveness. You feel you respond to him in a direct way without thinking twice.

    8 how he see you. 10 of cups.

    He is aware of your emotional stress, the fact that you are oversensitive. He still believes you are a caring and nurturing woman. Seeing this card is such a relief here, it demonstrates that although the harsh time he never forget your true nature.

    9 an advice. 3 of swords.

    Maybe an honest confrontation about the way you hurt each other through dialogue is needed.

    10 the outcome. 9 of swords.

    I am sorry to see here that the struggle for power will be present again and reinforced by a dialogue which could not be constructive.

    I suppose the whole spread here is telling you that you have a chance to bring peace but it only depends on your reaction on his provocations, how you stay quiet and activate the Empress in you. Maybe you are hard to him because you think he forgive to see the nature of all those 10 of cups in you, or that he forgets your true nature?

    I hope it is of an help, please let me know, thanks!
    I hope things will get better with him soon. Blessings ๐Ÿ’š

  • @LibraJustice

    Hi LibraJustice,

    I asked what J feels towards you.
    6 of cups 5 of cups the lovers.

    He loves you again but actually he needs his own space because he is having a foot in the past and he doesn't want to make the same mistake or hurt your feelings. The past and what went wrong about it is weghtening his choice to fully commit.
    He feels you could be the right person for him, but meanwhile he was seeing with another woman and so he is evaluating how he could be true to his feelings. He does not want to be delusional towards you but he is struggling to be honest with his feelings. From these ones it seems that after a moment of indecision he will return and choose you.

    About reconciliation. The devil 8 of cups knight of swords.

    The reconciliation could start as sexual involvement. Sex here is used to hide the fact that you both does not want to speak about your past. I see indeed your emotions and past hurts could bring to surface once again in a strong way which can ruin things. Devil shows you both will try to repress emotional confrontation, like you literally could feel a knot on your throat if you open yourself emotionally. It seems you will not let your vulnerability be noticed from each other's and this could lead both of you on having a relationship mostly based on sex that is used as a tool for controlling your intense emotions. The fuel is still there, the closeness and understanding also, but you would try unconsciously to fight ( knight of swords) the emotional bound by preferring the relationship to maintain in the sexual plane.

    I hope it is of an help, please let me know, thanks!
    And I hope things will be better with him! Blessings ๐Ÿ’š

  • @Selenite Thank you so much for the reading. I can really understand that he wouldn't want to make the same mistake. I always felt a strong connection with him even after we broke up with one another the feelings were and still, today are there. We almost got back together in 2013 but it ended with a bad fallout that we haven't spoken since then. Last month I sent him a very long overdue apology message on Facebook telling him how sorry I was for the way I was toward him when we dated from 2009-2010 I was selfish and naive we were young at the time (17). He was always the type to struggle with feelings but he does like to hide his feelings.
    With Reconciliation, I could see us not wanting to talk about the past and there was, in my opinion, a lot of sexual energy between us I remember the last time I was in his presence literally my body felt electricity running through. I am the same way like him about my feelings I don't really like to talk about them and I would rather take it slowly and not rush anything as I felt like in the past I was just so in love I rushed and I don't want to make that mistake again. But I hope we can work it out but if not I can say we tried.
    Thank you so much โค

  • @Selenite Ohh My God!! You are spot on. You don't even know how accurate you really are. My God !! My jaw just dropped reading your post. You just mentioned everything that is bothering our relationship. ๐Ÿ˜ฒ. Yes yes there is lot of power struggle. I have a masculine fiery nature that scares people away specially males. My husband is very manly too and he wants me to be feminine, I try but I can't because of my nature and I blame it on my Aries moon Damn!! He is a very ambitious person which I hate sometimes. I feel sometimes he is cold that's why I fear to express my feelings or may be due to my past failed relationships I fear to open up and be vulnerable to him. I know this is wrong but I think like a man Ughh!!.
    Another problem with me is I never forgive nor forget ,which makes everything much more complicated . You are right.He calls me serious granny๐Ÿ˜‚. And yes we have a 11 month old son .He loves his son and he wanted him to be like him lol.
    I am sexually passionate but not high ๐Ÿ˜†, may be he wants more but fears to express.
    I am impulsive yes and it has done more harm than good to me, I have lost friends and dear ones due to my impulse and action. I am very direct in my ways, no sugar coating here. He knows I care about him alot and he is very understanding about my mental state but still I get angry on him without any valid reason. Is that makes me a bad person? I dunno. Damn !! You've just showed me the mirror and I will have to
    re-evaluate my own actions and words I throw at him. I am a very sensitive person and I take everything to my heart and then get hurt. But at the same time I am very honest and caring but I really need to work on myself.
    Thank you so much for opening my eyes dear. You have done a huge favour. I will keep all the points in my mind . You are a great Tarot reader.
    Thank you๐Ÿ’•

  • @Selenite Hello, hooe you are doing good and safe. Can you please provide me a career reading. I lost my job where I worked for almost 15 yrs due to certain issues during official travel in Aug 2019. Ever since I have been looking for job but not yet successful. Any help and guidance is very much appreciated. My dob 28/June/1982.

  • @LibraJustice

    Thank you LibraJustice for your comment... blessed be๐Ÿ’š

  • @Mommy-Crab

    Thank you Mommy Crab for your comment and appreciation on my reading, I am glad that it helped you so much!
    I think you need to accept your nature and not work in contrast towards it, just love yourself for the way you are for being honest and do not let others judge for how you express it. I can understand you.... And how sometimes feeling guilty for that make things worse. Some people will appreciate you being open, others not, that is all.
    But don't suppress your true self or it would turn against you. True people will understand your positions.
    And it's not easy to deal with partners, males, because they mostly want women to stay in a corner. So, be yourself and show your power, in a softer way, don't let others dictate how you should be and honor your femininity dear๐Ÿ’š

  • @Luvsom

    Hi Luvsom, nice to meet you! ๐Ÿ˜Š Sorry to hear you lost your job.... I tried to do a celtic cross reading for this....
    Here are my cards....

    1 the heart of the matter. 5 of wands.

    You are applying for interviews about different kinds of jobs, meaning here that you try to adapt to wide your horizons.

    2 what is crossing you. The hermit.

    You have a valid knowledge and experience obtained through your career but you are not very aware of it. Maybe you fear others would prefer younger resources there?

    3 the root of this situation. 2 of wands.

    The fact that you are flexible and open to adapt to a career that couldn't suits you is making you confused about what you really want.

    4 the past. The chariot.

    The clear message here is about the job you mentioned. I see here you traveled a lot and had many chances to work abroad. Now that I see the hermit gazing at the charioteer it feels like you are getting tired about traveling. I got a sense those jet lags put a pressure on your body and now you need to make things slowly respecting your own rhythms.

    5 what you should look at. 2 of swords.

    You need to plan a strategy.

    6 the future. 6 of coins.

    Financial support is on your way.

    7 how you see yourself in this situation. 4 of cups.

    You are feeling discouraged and with little hope. You seems you have lost interest in your previous career.

    8 how other people see you. Queen of coins 9 of wands.

    When facing with hard work you are willing to offer your best support.

    9 an advice. 5 of swords.

    Keep track of your negative beliefs concerning your chance to get your job, because they are keeping you away from manifesting it. Don't allow it to influence your expectations.

    10 the outcome. Strength.

    I was expecting the card in this position to give me a clue about if you will succeed in having a job, instead it didn't respond directly. It made me perceive you need to be more determined and strong by having the will to succeed and overcome any obstacle using a renewed self esteem. So self esteem here is the ingredient of your accomplishment and a tool for manifesting it.

    I will keeping fingers crossed for you to get a job soon, I hope my reading was of an help, I ask you to leave a comment on, thanks! ๐Ÿ’š

  • @Selenite Yes you are absolutely right dear . I just loved your reading about me. Tarot speaks the truth. We never know what future will bring for us tomorrow but for now I am gonna stay positive and focus on myself. Child birth has took a huge toll on my sanity. I just need some "ME" time to love myself again.
    Thanks once again.
    Take care.
    Stay safe.๐Ÿ’•

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