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    @Selenite may I know why u are not responding to me.. why avoiding only me when asked fr reading ...which made me to delete my comment out of feeling bad when left out . Would be glad if u do me a reading .

    You twice ignored my messages and the reading I done, I felt you are pushy and demanding, you didn't send me a feedback on that reading neither being collaborative but instead you asked for the same topic to be read once again. Please leave this thread, I can't read for you. I hope you understand my reason.

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    Hi , no this is somebody entirely new that I am talking to xoxo

    So the guy has the same date of birth of the same guy I read on some weeks ago.... Is this a joke??

  • @Selenite
    There’s no need to be rude about it. I can’t find the reading. I have not been on this for a good few weeks. I possibly missed your reply and can’t find it. I won’t bother you again. Thanks anyway

  • @Selenite I do feel like we are getting closer. The hot topics were my ex. She would bring up something about her Dad and it would remind me of that. I steer clear of that and tell her thats in the past and lets move forward. I try not to be controlling. I never thought of myself that way. I always tried to support her dreams and her hobbies. But my daughter is a free spirit much like how i was at that age. Its possible she feels that way and I am not aware. The guilt i have is, I feel bad that shes not as happy where she lives. I thought she was happier and I feel bad for her. I have co parenting so our time together is split. Thanks for your input! Its much appreciated and I hope my feedback was good too:)❤✌

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  • This post is deleted!

  • @Jana-Star Hi, she did the reading 19 days ago😉

  • @Jubisay link please?

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  • This post is deleted!

  • @Selenite hello I was hoping you would be able to read for me? I’m 18/02/1986 single and looking for a love reading if you can 💕

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    @Jana-Star Hi, she did the reading 19 days ago😉

    Jubisay thank you for reminding her this. I told her the truth and she said I was rude. I forgot to write in the thread to sit only if people are interested and take my readings seriously.

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    @Selenite hello I was hoping you would be able to read for me? I’m 18/02/1986 single and looking for a love reading if you can 💕

    Hi LH866 nice to meet you.... 😘Can I ask you if you are female?

  • @Selenite nice to meet you too, yes I am female x

  • @Selenite twice you have been rude to me. I have never given you this date of birth. What you gave me before was a general reading.

    Anyway thank you because I understand you take your time out to read for people. However I won’t come to you again asking for a reading.

    All the best and hopefully you can work on your communication skills as at times you come across like you are stressed to the max and it feels negative. Maybe you should charge for readings and it won’t seem like such an effort.

    X O X O

  • @Selenite, I Selenite, if you are still giving readings I'm in need of one, I'm a female, dob 18/3/76 . My question is about work. I work for a foreigner company that is run by the two nations due this I'm constantly changing supervisor, for about 5 years I've been struggling with bad local leadership but I managed to cope with it all, because the previous foreigner supervisors saw my work, saw the difficulties and understand where we were. Recently I received a new supervisor, we kinda get along but I've always been suspicious that something would happen ( gut feeling, that not all that shines is gold). We had a disagreement 3 weeks ago, all started because my work depends on others and I wanted to wrap up everything for the end of the fiscal year, a lot that was hidden came up to the surface, in my defense I just pointed out that I needed that done asap so I could close our part. She didn't like it, so she started hunting everyone down. I was busy as hell and she kept asking and asking for other things when I had inform her that I was going to shut off for the last 2 weeks of September for end of FY purposes. Our disagreement, was about some rules that are written in our playbooks ( she said it was written I said: "not exactly in those words"), I disagreed because the playbook by it self is insufficient, they have other extra manuals,webinars stuff like this that it took me a lot of time to read and watch; resuming she emailed me, which I answer that I would take a list as soon as I could to review the work she asked me to change, but this in my point of view wasn't a priority, what I was doing was but she didn't care. So she came into my office, with all she wanting me to change printed, demanding that I would change it, I stopped what I was doing and look at it and said, I can't, these are things that are still waiting for a decision but of course there were a few ones that weren't because the other sections asked me not to do anything about it until further notice ( I did what they asked); after saying I couldn't, she told me to show her were was it in the playbook like if I was lying, then threaten me saying it was going to happen any way, like if this was mine, then told me if I couldn't handle it to go home. Which I reply I don't need to go home, and suit yourself. I took leave coz I was exhausted, I came back to work and I'm being treated like if I was a plague.
    She extended her staying, so she will be my supervisor for two years, what I do wanna know is what the heck happened? what might be the outcome in a few months, what can I do to change this? I just disagreed with someone, I didn't said I wasn't going to do the work, she changed the way of doing things like the regulations say, just to please the management, I don't know what to do, all my life I had good references, awards, and, now this? I even considered in staying home coz my nervous system is taking a toll on me. Sorry for the long texting, but this is what I know it happened and I'm not being capable of dealing with this. Thank you

  • @Selenite No problem. I saw her comment and so I went back to see, because as far as I know you reply to everybody. And I do understand your point of few, because it can be annoying when you get the feeling that people don’t take you seriously. Keep being you. Blessings 🥰

  • @Jana-Star you did give her the date and she gave you the reading 23 days ago.

  • @Jubisay

    Jubisay thank you for your kindness and understanding and the effort you put on this! Thank you for all💚💚💚

  • @Selenite ❤❤❤

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