my dream man

  • when will i find and marry the man of my dreams

  • When you stop dreaming and start looking.

  • @hafsa-mubashir

    Everyone has dreams. Some dream big while it's small dreams for some others. But when we are talking about dreams related to relationships, it can be seen that both men and women do love give dreams a chance. In your case, you are dreaming about a partner who can please the way you wish him to be.

    But let me tell you something, you will get married to a person soon or later whether it's the person of your dream or not is totally remains connected to various factors.

    Firstly, you should study well the background of the person you are going to tie the know with. Know the person, his character, his profession and such important things. Once you evaluate all these things and find him a good person give it a go.

    Secondly, do not be an over expecting person and do not be a stubborn girl to think that you should get a person the way you really dreaming of.

    Understand, it's our dream and it differs from the reality of life we are in. Once you are married to a nice and lovely person, there begins your dream.

    You can dream to build a strong relationship with him
    You can dream of having a beautiful family

    Start to realize these things and then the life will be quite wonderful for you and your loved ones.

    I'm not a great person to advice you on these things, but what I have shared above is just out of my experiences. I'm working as a full time professional housemaid in Dubai in a housekeeping company known as Housekeeping Co (look for reference) and my profession helped me to watch several couples and see through their relationships. Some keep it a strong bond while some others life shattered due to various issues, mostly due to misunderstandings.

    In a relationship and in a family life, the couples require to understand each other, share things each other and be ready to adjust, forgive, etc., at required times. Being stubborn means the end of some beautiful chapters.

    So, please care my words and may God bless you with your dream partner 🙂

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