Should I move back in the fall with my bf or get my own place

  • Can i please have a new reading on the future of my relationship, If i should move back in with my boyfriend in the fall? Will he let my kids come back over cause of the coronavirus? Or should I get my own place.
    My bd is 12-12-80 his is 06-24-70, thanks:)

  • Hi Tulip Lilly, I made a reading for you using a celtic cross spread with my Marseilles....

    1 the heart of the matter. Judgement.
    The card is saying that in this moment you need to see clearly the opportunity to revitalize your relationship and bri g the family together. You can get out the limitations that the situation of lockdown put on your shoulders. Be positive and open, since the important change you are awaiting is on your way

    2 what is crossing you. King of cups.
    This card represents your partner. Most of the limitations and problems are caused by fears that comes from him concerning the scenario of the pandemic. He is insecure and does not trust what is happening. He is not taking position because he is blocked in a dark space and waits the situation to resolve by itself instead of taking position.

    3 the root. Page of cups.
    Is he sensitive and can be hurt easily? I see here he has a tendency of escape responsibility because he doesn't know how to dea9 with his emotions.

    1. The past. Queen of cups.
      You hold the situation in your hand with love and faith. You were in a position where you can lead the relationship.

    5 what you should look at. The hyerophant.
    Try to consult a counselor and do a bit of therapy along with your partner could help you understand both

    6 the future. Ace of swords.
    You will need to start talking together seriously and in a new manner to be more determined.

    7 how you see yourself in this. The magician.

    You believe in yourself and have a strong sense of your talents and capacities, so it's easy to consider you can eventually move on your own

    8 how he see you. 9 of wands.
    He recognize that attitude I see in the magician and believes you are more determined to move alone.

    9 an advice. 8 of cups.
    You both need to create space for your relationship to be nurtured. Maybe you are actually too concentrated on struggles and daily things to put more attention to develop an higher spiritual and emotional closeness. Try to find ways to cultivate more understanding of how you both feel is vital.
    10 the outcome. King of Wands.

    It seems the situation requires he has the power to decide what to do. And that he needs to be aware of his responsibility towards you and the kids.
    I hope it is of an help... Please let me know, thanks!

  • @Selenite The question is, does he want to be more responsible and accept the obligations with the children and me? Im not sure if he can handle the responsibility. I thought before he was ready. He is so quick to dump the situation and say nope sorry they cant cone over anymore because of the virus. Is he using that as an excuse because he isn't ready?

  • @TulipLilly

    ... I answered through the reading I made today.... Did you receive it?

  • Your boyfriend is extremely independent and needs large doses of solitude to formulate his plans. He has a strong feeling for family and children - but only his own kids. He will struggle to accept yours and if they move in, he would probably start disappearing a lot. Getting your own place would prevent a lot of problems with him.

  • @Selenite Hey, i got it. Thank you, it was vrry helpful😀✌

  • @TheCaptain Thanks for the added insight. That's the 2nd issue, I was concerned about!

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