Dark Night of the Soul

  • I found this post on Quora about the dark night of the soul. She offers a lot of insight in this brief post.


  • The only way NOT to get out of it is to commit suicide or die in an accident or from an illness during this time. Not a good idea as you would exit the physical body at a very low vibration and can get stuck as a ghost on a low astral plane. So it is important to go through this very unpleasant experience as it is temporary, and your energy will come back to normal at the end of it. You also would not have to repeat it in the future lives, or it will be much easier - as you would have subconscious memory of survival and rebound from depression.

    The link wasn't working correctly, so here's the text by Irina Nola.

  • @mh83 What is the exact link? it's just a link to quora home page.

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