• When somebody insults you, try not to take it personally. Actually, the person who insulted you is telling you a lot about themselves. Pay attention to the insults. They speak volumes. People will use their own personal experience to 'create' an insult. They use what is the worst thing to them - they are drawing on their own fears and insecurities. Look at Donald Trump for example - he uses insulting words like "little or liddle Michael Bloomberg" (Trump always has to be the tallest man in the room or else he feels insecure), nutty, crazy or wacko Nancy (Trump reportedly has dementia), "lyin'. slippery, shady' (his own mode of practice) and also says things like "I don't know him,. never heard of him, he's a nobody" because he fears being forgotten and thought of as a loser (something his father told him he was over and over every time he had to bail him out of another financial mess). So next time someone says to you "god, you're fat or unlovable or ugly or stupid ..." or whatever - you are actually hearing their greatest fear, their biggest area of vulnerability, stated out loud via their subconscious mind. So focus on this interesting revelation rather than get caught up in feeling insulted. You'll learn something from the experience and may even be able to help the other person because of it..

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